Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bun Cha is getting hot for vacations..yes we are talking destination Vietnam

Bun Cha is grilled Pork on the street, with white rice thin noodles, great sauce made from Papaya and Garlic. Smell of the habachi style grill smoking the fried meat, attracts the passer by motor scooter drivers. There is nothing better than local street food, when traveling. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain, I got to write about the new vacation destination of Vietnam. A lot of the international and Seattleites I know are going to Vietnam now days, and it's vacation homes and vacation rentals market is growing rapidly. I do hope to go there some day thanks to my Vacation rentals software buddies, John and Krish, I hope. has produced the best online booking system too.

You may not have heard of Ben Cha, even if you are a fan of Vietnamese food. I have been a fan since 1981, one of my first friend in the US was Vietnamese, Tang was his name. And Minnesota certainly has it's share of incredible Vietnamese restaurants such as Lotus. But, I never did hear of PHO before I moved to Seattle either. That's one of the best things about traveling and being on vacation, eating exotic foods. I wish offered some sort of food software product too, so that my Vacation rentals software and online booking system doesn't get too old. You see travel and food channel must mix well, as Foods certainly is from a particular place. And often times Food and wine and drinks are named after places such as Dijon, Chianti, yes even Colby cheese from Colby Wisconsin.

So food and travel go together, don't we all wish we could be on vacations. What else goes with Vacations? Religion and sacred places, clothing of the local cultures, arts and entertainment. I guess local events and sports also go with travel. So there is a lot to write about, if we are going to be vacation rentals software and online booking system experts, I better get to it.



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