Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Life on a couch

My life on a couch, I spent it all day yesterday watching the Travel Channel. I can't say, I didn't love it, that doesn't mean that I don't want to spend the rest of my life on a couch. I would rather travel the world, sit in exotic cafe's watch interesting people. Being a stranger in a strange land, it can be amazing, but for me that is only possible if some people speak English. I don't need them to all be fluent, but it sure helps to not be totally lost.

I wonder when I can get on the road, on the plane, on that train again. Vacations are fine, but traveling for work, now that could be fun! Writing about different places, different cultures, that could be totally awesome, well now days you have to add video and blogcast it too. I hope that the vacationblogspot.com does it, and becomes a huge hit, and I will get paid to write about different vacation homes and rentals software. Maybe these vacation rentals property owners will house my camera man, my producer buddy David M? Why wouldn't they we will promote their property and make them world famous right? Well if we do that, than maybe another camera person or a hot model, now that's the ticket, three people makes a perfect crew.

Dear vacation property owners, check out our amazing vacation rentals property software and check out the online booking software. You might actually be able to increase your revenues, read the following blog.

Maximizing Vacation Rental Revenue

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Hotels and Airlines have been maximizing revenue for a long time. When you reserve a hotel room or an airline seat, a powerful server crunches out the most optimum price based on the season, availability and a host of other factors. Well, you should be thinking the same way with your Vacation Rentals Software & properties, but until now you didn’t have access to the best vacation rentals software, from RentExpert.com

First, we recommend that you determine all the special holidays where you expect to get maximum traffic. These typically include Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4th weekend, Labor Day weekend and Easter Weekend. Vacation Rental Software photo for blog from sxc.huDuring these peak times, a lot of people travel, and availability is scarce. Consequently, you should set high rates during this time. You should also set policies about the minimum stay required during these high traffic times. Typically, we recommend setting at least a 3 or 7 day minimum. Does your current vacation rentals software management system allow you to have flexible pricing and scheduling? No, well, we have the answers at RentExpert.com.
Second, we recommend segmenting the calendar year into 2 or 3 seasons; Peak Season , Off Season and optionally a Mid Season segment.

During the Peak Season, you should set higher prices with higher minimum stay requirements. During the Off Season and Mid Seasons, your goal should be to keep your property occupied by offering competitive rates and a low bar for minimum rentals.

Without the best Online Booking software, it is difficult to keep all of this straight in your head, or have your front desk be accurate. RentExpert is a powerful online booking software that incorporates a dynamic pricing engine where you specify your pricing rules. RentExpert automatically crunches the numbers for you and presents the pricing dynamically to potential renters. Why is this important? Simply because it helps the renter make up her mind quickly without lots of back and forth conversations with you.

We are also in the process of creating a vacation spot blog at vacationblogspot.com, are you interested in writing a vacation blog? Why wouldn’t you, you want to spot light your local area and add content to show how amazing your vacation homes or vacation rentals property is, don’t you? So go ahead and write us an email or comment on this blog to be added to promote your vacation spot. Happy New Year again, courtesy of the best vacation rentals software @ RentExpert.com.


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