Friday, December 28, 2007

Cross & Silver jewelry designs by

I wanted to promote the silver and cross jewelry blogs of Jill Brahms of She is quite a designer of silver and symbols such as cross jewelry. Most of our her first set designs are with cross jewelry pendants and cross ring designs. Here is an excerpts of her recent blogs.

Designer Silver Jewelry - Out and About Dec 21

Author: Loverelic December 21st, 2007

Amanda Lamb at UK premier of I am Legend Silver earrings dangle

Check out these gorgeous dangly silver earrings worn by the equally beautiful Amanda Lamb at the UK premier of Will Smith’s gripping zombie thriller “I Am Legend“. These earrings are amazing, and we are searching for a better photo of them. They appear to have a celestial theme, which we love, being in the business of symbol jewelry,. such as the super start Cross Jewelry. Girls and boys take note: Silver jewelry looks spectacular with navy blue.


Designer Silver Jewerly Out and About Dec 19

Author: Loverelic December 19th, 2007

Christina Ricci Star and Moon necklace Japan Christina Ricci Star and Moon necklace Japan close

Christina Ricci wore a very cute gold and silver star and moon necklace to the press conference for her new movie “Penelope” in Japan today. This is a great example of tasteful symbol jewelry. Check out the trailers for Penelope. We can’t wait to see it!


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