Wednesday, April 02, 2008 SEO Services Top Ten questions

For any SEO Services provider to answer, especially if you will be spending over $2000.00 a month on the budget. Why only $2k/month, well it can be amount really, but that is the going rate for a small business to pay for SEO Services. As we always say, its always cheaper to write blogs every day, but your business blog, should probably had proper keywords and you should know how to contextual linking, by reading any of our blogs, at any given time, you can sense how we do Contextual Links, so enjoy the blog below:

Before I start to rattle off some great insights from our SEO tips and Internet Marketing vault, I want to be clear that you understand that we are biased. We are in the business of SEO Services, but we still want to provide you the most information as possible, to help you make the best decisions to grow your business. The objective of this article is to convince you that we at MyTypes, Inc. are very knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and that we are one of the best SEO Services companies in the world. Proof is in the pudding (well actual Google results), and our results should already tell you what you need to hear. We have engaged in SEO services for years, and we can execute ethical SEO strategies to get you top results, as our proof is in the pudding. We don’t advertise, here is a little self promotion on a minor note, we never wanted to do SEO Services, and until recently have alway just advised clients to do their own internal SEO services in the past. We have always wanted to just focus on our Blogging platform. We have delivered top results for large companies such as ITEX Barter, which is a public company. And for smaller businesses such as real estate website, and a designer Jewelry company.

While we continue to engage with large and small companies for SEO services, we only want to work with/for a handful of clients. In the last year, we have also started to SEO for our own products in silver jewelry and infrared heater market segments. We have been providing professional SEO services for clients since Jan of 2006, and we have done it for our own products since 2003. We are pushing forth with a professional SEO Services strategy, and therefore we came up with the idea of Ten Questions to ask a SEO services company:

1. What is the most important factor in your SEO Strategy to achieve top 10 Google Results?

2. How many major Keywords do you have in the top 10 in Google for SEO and/or other related keywords?

3. Providing SEO Services for major Keywords is very difficult, how many keywords for your client’s major keywords do you have in the top 10?

4. What is your overall SEO services strategy and plan for us, your clients, what will you specifically do for us?

5. How do you help us pick the best keywords to SEO for our business? This is probably the most important question of our 10, if they shy away from major keywords, this is where you want to look for clues. Why not go after the biggest most traffic based keywords, make sure you get a straight answer, if not ask us!

6. What SEO Tools do you use, and for what?

7. What is your process for Link aggregation?

8. How much emphasis do you place on Google Page Rank, and it’s value in the SEO Process?

9. How do you SEO for Yahoo and MSN, not just Google?

10. What are your thoughts on Social Networking, Wiki’s, Blogs, and Digg?

**Notice we are not going to give you answers to these questions as other SEO Services providers and competition will use that against us. We are obviously very successful, but we work with you at y our level, we utilize simple but powerful SEO strategies, and if you read our SEO blog, and business blog, at our blogging platforms, you will see that constant focus on content. Google and the best in the SEO Services business world will/should help you develop a comprehensive content strategy. We just happen to have some amazing blogging tools and social networking and internet marketing strategies that simply work. And, for the most part we are willing to be compensated based on a mixture of performance and set hourly work, so you always feel that you are getting the best value.


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