Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Who is Bill Gross? One of many important people in Internet History

I just wrote this article about Bill Gross, in our SEO Services business blog in our blogging platform at, enjoy:

Do you know who Bill Gross is?

Precious commodities, world is running out of resources at Bill

The link above will take you to Bill Gross’s blog, here is his picture: billgrosspic.jpg I used the Press-It function of Wordpress to blog about him, as I just saw him advertise on Google for keywords “Business Blog“, therefore I went to his blog a few minutes ago. It made me wonder, if most SEO Services providers or anyone in the SEO world even knows who Bill Gross is? The more important question you maybe asking yourself is, why do i care? I am sure you have heard of Google, the great search engine, and we have talked a lot about Google’s Adwords and keyword searches to target specific traffic. SEO services are more dependent on Adwords than they realize, that is the secret for smart SEO Service providers. So the main engine at Google that helps you and I in SEO is really Google Ad words. What, I know what you are thinking, we are all organic man, we don’t do Pay Per Click. Here is the deal, because if Google couldn’t tell us which keywords to target, we would not be very good at our SEO Services.

978170_egyptian_girl_1.pngSo back to the subject Who is Bill Gross? Bill is visionary, an entrepreneur, high tech investor, he founded a Venture Fund, an idea factory, an internet hub for investments and a few internet companies that are very popular today. He is also one of the most important people in the technology business. I have always looked up to him, and admired him from afar. I have never met the man, just read But, why I am writing is that he is probably, more important in Internet Marketing than most SEO service providers would acknowledge or even be aware of. He founded Overture, which got sold to Yahoo. They had built a patent on pay per click type adwords, which Google used and paid big time for. I was told by my friend that Google actually used the pay per click ad words and ad sense technology of Overture, and paid millions of dollars for it. I am going to classify this in the rumor category for now, as I have not validated the research on Google’s direct use of the technology. 973333_tel_aviv-photo-blog-frmsxchu.jpg

Regardless, the Overture impact on Internet Marketing, advertising and keyword searches is very important to acknowledge. And, is probably the most important factor in Internet Marketing and SEO especially of this industry that Google has been credited for. We as senior level technologist, OK simpleton SEO services experts, have known that affiliate marketing is also big for driving traffic. But did you know that link exchanges and link partnerships were the original affiliate marketing sites? And guess what, Bill Gross also founded one of the internet’s biggest affiliate marketing companies too.

Do you know the name of this Internet Marketing giant? Ok, you may not think of Commission Junction as a big deal, they were more powerful in the past, Valueclick, Inc. I think bought them years ago, but still runs about 50% of the worlds largest e-retailers affiliate marketing sites. I would like to thank him for creating the SEO Services and being an Internet Marketing pioneer. Now Bill would you only please invest in my company, well just kidding, we have given up on investments, we are trying to grow through SEO Services, hence the focus on that.

Now back to Bill Gross, Not only did he start one of the biggest companies in Affiliate marketing, guess what else he started or impacted? I think or many other companies were started by Bill Gross and his Idealab. So do visit his business blog, by Clicking on


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