Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Marketing Social Network?

A Marketing Social Network, and Google Now Selling SEO Services Via Performics

Google Now Selling SEO Services Via Performics

Check out the article above on Google and it’s acquisition of DoubleClick and the SEO services company that they now own called Performics. A lot of people are against Google offering SEO Services, but I am not totally against the idea. Read the Tech Crunch Blog above by clicking on the link above. Here are my reasons for Google to keep the SEO Services firm:

1 . If Peformics offers SEO services, it legitimizes the SEO services business as a whole for me. Some have said that SEO services should not offered as they are simply too unethical period. Obviously, being one of the best SEO consultants in the Internet Marketing world, I totally disagree. Ethical SEO strategies are part of good content development and web design strategy.

2. Google and Matt Cutts have always been forward and honest about what ranks well for SEO. Matt Cutts even shares in a video Ethical SEO Tips. They will only continue to be more honest with not only their clients, but the world, as they will be watched more carefully.

3. We need oversight and ethical SEO strategies right from the Google mouth, while I would like to think Google will share it with there peformics group, we all already know what ranks well. It’s the Title Tags, Keyword in URL, great content, and high PR links back to your website or blogs.

4. We need Google to continue and we need to watch what the clients of Performics are doing as far as their rankings. Whatever changes and they are doing it, we need to understand and emulate.

Why invent the wheel, let Google tell us what is the best SEO Tip, and let’s do it. For most of us that means we have to write lots of blogs, and get lots of people to write about our blogs or contents. On a side note, Did any of you notice a little more focus from us on our Internet Marketing and Social Networking lately? We are behind schedule in our launch of the marketing and business social networking site, but it got a lot closer today. Keith, did some amazing simplification of the front end and all seems to be working in our tech area.

Now the battle is between strategic position of the social network, should it continue as a business social network? Or should it position itself in to a marketing social network, a social networking site focused on marketing people, SEO consultants, and Search marketing, and Internet marketing professionals? Any comments, which is the best strategy?

By the way, did I mention that we are looking for a couple of SEO Services clients at the moment? We just had a large SEO Services contract get reduced as the project scope just changed, don’t worry they are still clients, and raving fans. If you know any one who need any SEO consultants or SEO Services, please pass on our information.


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