Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is James Carville as Evil as Hillary Clinton?

I just watched his angry and ungly face go off with a disgusting expressions on CNN. Does anyone else think James Carville and Hillary Clinton supporters like Lenny are evil. Chris Nelson the Republican Governor of Florida are in the same category. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are trying to steal a primary, where she is clearly behind. She threw the Kitchen sink, and she lost huge margins in her victory of Ohio.

Now they are listerally trying to change the rules of the DNC Comittee, which they all were a part of. Why change the rules in the middle of the game? Betrayal of this kind is why people hate politics. I have a cousin who is in Politics, I think he is Evil, and I have to say, so is Hillary and James Carville. Why, they are betraying the true democracy of this great union. They are so angry and are using all their power against a disadvantaged African American candidate, yes I do think it is about race too. James Carville is a racist, along with Bill Clinton, with all of those comments that they made comparing Obama to Jesse jackson.

Evil Betrayes and Hillary Clinton and James Carville are Evil because they are betraying us democrats.

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