Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 10 Marketing Books of all time, only one on SEO?

Top 10 Marketing books of all time, only one on SEO?

I wanted to write a blog post on the best marketing books of all time, I typed in Google and came up with this list, attached link. Some of you know, I rip on Amazon a little, but I mean no harm buy it, gosh, they are a good company. But this blogging/SEO expert, Moi have to give them some credit for their amazing SEO skills or it could be their smart book content? 901087_teachers_pet_5_bywoodsy-sxchu-photo-blog.jpg Honestly Amazon is known to be an amazing company run by an amazing CEO, but the internal structure has stopped it’s employees (my friends–many of them work there) of following through on some interesting initiatives. The company is known for it ruthless corporate culture, it’s been said that the cut throat corporate culture at Microsoft never reached this height. This is coming from good people who work there folks. But, maybe that is what is required to be the world’s largest ecommerce, and online marketplace. I do have to say that I love eBay, but they have their issues and their Online Marketplace had a revolt from it’s sellers last few week with a boycott too. Finally here is the list of the books by Amazon and my list below:

Amazon.com: “Top 17 Marketing Books Of All Time”

So what are my favorite Marketing Books of all time, and why? I have to do some research on this, but I have to tell you, I may not have read enough to make a difference. And, mine are now becoming outdated, and tend to focus on high tech marketing. 854196_market_share_pie_chart_by-kikashi_sxchu_photo-blog.jpg I will compile a bigger list and add to this blog. This starts to complete this wholistic view I want to present about SEO, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing and Marketing as a whole. Because our goal here is to work in the real world to help all businesses succeed, that is why it makes sense as a series of blogs?

1. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Why? Because it explains human behavior and how trends are started and created, a must read marketing book of all time!

2. “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore

3. “Inside the Tornado” by Geoffrey Moore

4. “Innovators Dilemma” Clayton Christensen

5. “SEO for Dummies” by Peter Kent

6. “Marketing to the Social Web” Larry Weber


7. “Purple Cow” Seth Godin

8. “The Big Moo” Seth Godin and 33 other experts such as Tom Peters

9. Everything by Peter Drucker

10. “Watch This Listen Up Click Here” by David Verklin

There are honorable mentions of a couple of Internet Marketing books, the SEO Book is good, and there are countless others, want to add to this list, let me/us know. “The Long Tail” is a great concept and book, I have not fully read this book, just skimmed it. I do want to mention it. Also, you may have heard about us launching our Internet Marketing book, which covers blogging and it’s benefit for SEO, which I have always said is the most important part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and is ultimately part of Internet Marketing.


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