Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Don't forget Footer Links

A blog I wrote yesterday, not bad for an SEO article, one of the most forgotten sources of links:

Don’t forget the Footer for great SEO Links

I was talking to a casual friend of mine earlier today, he owns and runs a very successful website with 13million page views, we rarely talk business. He and I have actually been talking politics lately more so. Some how the topic got to SEO and how he is not taking advantage of his powerful hundreds of thousands of pages on his own website. He admitted that he really never did SEO, his word mouth viral internet marketing has lead to his success. He makes a six figure income from the website, great job to him. I did a quick analysis of his site, and gave him a bunch of tips to increase his SEO rankings in major keywords. The biggest advice I give businesses or actually people who run them about SEO is that they need to focus on three things. Here are they are below, let me make my point now, I will get back to you the footer, just wait a second or two:-)

1. Meta Tags: This is what your website is about

2. Content: for which I always recommend blogs and possibly forums.

3. Contextual Links from blogs or News types sites.

Now after you do the first two well, you still usually compete with hundreds of websites in your SEO Rankings. To be #1 you have to do all three well, that is especially true in Google, which is the search engine we care about the most here, at SEO Blog templates.

So what is the deal with a footer, you say? Footers on your own websites have the ability to provide you many powerful links. It’s as simple as that, footers are a great source for content and links for your online businesses. I often advice strategic SEO clients, businesses or friends, never ignore the footers. Here are too examples, read the content before their footers, you will see the proper use of Keywords within the content.

realestatedotcomphoto-blog.png’s Footer, incredible use of contextual links:


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