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The Art of Capturing Online Leads

A blog I wrote today on our SEO Blog templates site, enjoy:

The Art of Capturing Online Leads

I rarely will write a blog on some other blogs of our sites, and publish it here. The main reason is that this is our most valued blog, as it gets the most focused visitors, which mainly is SEO and Internet Marketing centric. The standards I have set for this blog are pretty high, but I wrote a blog on my personal blog and it fits here very well. I do however publish posts from here to my other blogs, as I rarely write on those other blogs. I tell you all this, as you should always stick to the focus of your blogs topics and have different blogs. I see rookies make the mistake of mixing their business blogs with personal ones. The objective of any online business is to sell products or services, and if it’s too hard to sell the product online. The website or online businesses objective is to generate leads, that is why this article fits so well, so read on and remember to blog your way to the top, but stay focused on your keywords:

The Art of Capturing Online Leads

March 5th, 2008 at 12:52 pm by Vipin K. Singh in B2B

We just had a great meeting to discuss online lead capturing with our tech, marketing, and small group at ITEX. So this topic is fresh in my mind and makes for a perfect blog for our Online Marketplace, as the biggest Value we provide in the MyTypes and ITEX marketplace is for businesses to generate online leads . We are working on a lead capturing 232645-walking-sxchu-photo-blog1.jpgstrategy to spotlight local businesses, such as Massage therapists, Lawyers, Dentists, and local restaurants. We are going to launch our online Businesses Spotlight pages today. One of the things that we were discussing was the benefits of memberships and getting people to actually sign-up, and capturing the online leads. This is a topic that is very near and dear to all online businesses. And, one that I have worked on and discussed professionally for years, especially back in 2003-2004 for my first real estate website, The goal back than and still today has been pretty consistent, give visitors lots of free stuff online, but get people to sign up by giving them more benefits for signing up. 782233-art—portrait-photo-blog-sxchu.jpg

Capturing Leads is a tricky business, and some thing that all online businesses have to deal with. A friend of mine, did not give much away for free information, he was #1 on Google and wanted everyone to sign-up before they could access any of his information. He ended up capturing a great amount of leads, and did quite well, so there is something for not giving away anything until people give you some information. Regardless, both sides of the argument have a point here.

But at the end of the day, you have to have the Best Sentence or ways for you to capturing online leads, regardless if you offer information or not, and that is what we are focusing on here. 747400-sam-close-up-photo-blog-sxchu.jpgThe Art of capturing online leads for your online businesses. I am actually going to use at least one of these in one of our online businesses. So here are the best Sentences, some are futile attempts at being humorous, but for showing real value and capturing online leads:

1. Hey baby, you want some of this, give me your email? **it may work for some online businesses, such as Adult entertainment, but not many:-)

2. Wow handsome fellow, you want some of this cats meow, come on over sweetie pie? Well same genre but had to add the opposing view of the first sentence.

3. We offer our members the best secrets, the best products, and we will call you tomorrow to ask you to buy, and than the week after, and on and on, until you start hating us or buying from us. So sign-up and we will call you tomorrow? Do we wonder why most people fill out wrong information for online leads, yikes.

4. Today and only for the next 60 minutes, you have once in a life-time opportunity to get the best deal ever on our Widget, but sign-up now, because tomorrow the deal will be gone? Yeah right?

5. By signing up, you get access to our members only section, with the following benefits:; #1 You can browse all listings, #2 You can get detailed product information, #3 See who else is part of our community, #4 You can try before you buy, there is no obligation? This one is quite good, but needs to be shortened for our purposes.

I actually studied a course created by a very successful real estate agent on the art of capturing leads, he sells 450 homes a year, which is an amazing number, so his system actually is world renowned. His basic premise is to give people the sizzle and get them to sign up by offering report or more information. I actually learned the are of capturing online leads from his training seminars, this works for all businesses, not just online businesses. We have also studied a few other online lead generation companies, such as and

The net net is give them the benefit of signing up. Be upfront, be honest, make it short and sweet. Here is what we think is really good for our own site.

Allows Free/Temporary access, to view thousands of members like you, marketplace details, try before you buy and there is No-obligation.

Sign-up Now for a Free/Temporary access to full membership benefits.

Allows Immediate access to full members site, for a limited time:


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