Thursday, February 28, 2008

#1 way to SEO, Get thousands of contextual Links in a week

Is that for real? Yes, and I actually just wrote this on our blog templates blog, obviously that is our main blog, not just for SEO but for all our websites and our biggest promotional engine.

I have been a fan of PRWeb for more than two years, because we received thousands of links with our Press Releases and quickly got a good Google page rank for our previous blogs and real estate websites. Every SEO expert knows that sending out a professional Press Release through a wire service is the best way to get thousands of contextual links. One of the other things you can do, is to go to our b2b and online marketplace and submit your business information. While it won’t give you thousands of links, it does get get good traffic and it’s a sure way to promote your businesses!954165_dusk_photo-blog-seo.jpg But recently I learned that PRNewswire says that they SEO press releases, but they did not provide contextual links within their press release, in fact they only provided one link. I had my client check with his PRNewswire rep to make sure that he got what he paid for. He paid the extra $250 but never got the links, his rep said that they SEO but don’t provide links. This was the silliest thing I have heard.

But, I wanted to do some research and make sure that PRWeb and PRNewswire were fully researched before I provided my SEO and Internet Marketing verdict. I read a few blogs, I did some research and my past experiences to make my judgement, which is. PRNewswire is an old company, with old ties and if you want to be seen as a Fortune 500 company, use them. They are expensive and worthless for SEO, because they don’t provide any contextual links back. PRWeb is the #2 company for Press Releases and does so much to SEO your news that it actually helps you get thousands of links in a week or less. The online tools for PRWeb are not super easy to use, but who cares, they give you THOUSANDS OF contextual links from news sites, which is amazing for SEO. Every business should do press releases, but only when they have news. B2b marketing finding customers is now much easier, so you don’t have to constantly push, sites like Alibaba and Trade Key are great sites for b2b Exchanges and online businesses to promote themselves. 941940_friends_people-seo-photo-blog.jpg

Every SEO expert also knows that you need more Contextual links than your competitor, especially from news worthy sites, and blogs. Well guess what folks, PRWeb delivers, thousands of links for the price of about $130. But don’t take my word for it, spend hundreds of dollars, lots of time, and than you can email me later saying, YOU WERE RIGHT Vipin. No, don’t do that, take my word for it, and read the following links and search results:

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Now you have the secrets of the top SEO Experts, you should be sending out Press Releases every week on


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