Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oahu Hawaii has it's own Grand Canyon--Called WaiMea Canyon

I have wanted to finish writing about the Vacation hot spot called Hawaii, but no time to go on vacation and actually write from there, maybe soon if the bosses at allow it:-). I bet Hawaii is not just one of the top vacation rentals destinations, but a #1 beach destination. One thing that surprised me about Hawaii vacations, is that it has the second biggest canyon in the world. Did you know that Grand Canyon is the #1 most visited natural tourist spot in the world, wow what a natural wonder. Well, as you will see that the reason for my love of this Vacation Rentals Software project is that it will allow me to travel to different parts of the world and write a travel blog from there.

Oahu Hawaii has it’s own Grand Canyon–Called WaiMea Canyon

While I have not been to Hawaii, I have been a fan for a long time, maybe I can go there now thanks to our online booking system? Please boss will you pay for my vacation to Hawaii, please:-), ok, I will do a travel blog and promise to blog every night while I am there. While my friend Joe got a gift from me and my family to visit Hawaii. Hawaii, especially Maui has been called a very spiritual places, and one of Earths main Chakra points. I learned that one of my favorite inspirational authors Wayne Dyer even lives there. All the Hawaiians I know are also very calm, grounded, and laid back great people.

I have enjoyed watching the travel channel, oh you have no idea how many hours I have spent, being in all of these Vacation Hot Spots, and not being there at all. All thanks to my Vacation Rentals software project, I will soon start traveling again, this time working a little too. Only through my friends at the Travel Channel, and can’t wait to rent a vacation home on the lush water view scenery. Anthony Bourdain is just one of my new Travel Channel friends, well, I wish he was my friend. It’s strange how one develops relationships with these television personalities. Ouch, kind of strange and bordering on the lack of life, all these people that watch the Soap opera’s.

But is a travel channel different, you do learn so much about exotic places, people, and their foods. You see these hot vacation spots, can’t you imagine just spending your whole life in one of these tropical rain forests over looking breath taking waterfalls. Now they are talking about 7 sacred Pools in a place in Maui. Do have to get a travel book, and read up on all of the monumental spots. Don’t you wish you could use an online booking system for your vacation rentals homes, right as you watch a TV show, or read the travel blog? May be that is why I/we are writing about these places, just think of it, your Hawaiian Vacation Rental home just a click away, all because of our amazing vacation rentals software and travel blogs, yippee!

I want to go to heaven, maybe live there, yeah it’s kind of strange that I would leave this wonderful neighborhood of Seattle called Seattle Queen Anne, and move to Hawaii, but I would. I do have breath taking views of the down town skyline below us, yes the space needle too, it’s below our hill and I look on top of it daily on my dog walks. And, mount Rainier way beyond the downtown, and ocean water to our right, and Olympic National park to our west, with luscious puget sound in between, way below. You see our Seattle Vacation view spot is close to heaven, but the Hawaiian Islands, they still make me want to move away from this amazing urban retreat. That must say some thing special about Hawaii, does it not. So now all we have to do is, get all of you vacationers to start using our vacation rentals software to do all of your reservations through our online bookings software and off we can write about your favorite place to visit. Maybe we will run some surveys or polls, on the most desired places for people to vacation at. Where do you want to vacation? eat your heart out Microsoft, i want to go to Hawaii and leave Seattle behind.


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