Monday, December 24, 2007

Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern and Travel Channel

I so want to have my own show on the Travel Channel, they need an E. Indian, cultured man, Urban/Seattleite, mixed American, point of view don’t they? I also love all the Vacation HotSpots, without the Bizarre foods, that is. The Durien fruit I can do without Andrew, along with the all the Insects and crazy delights. But as far as exotic travels and foods go, you are the king. And you are one of the main reasons I watch the travel channel. Doesn't it feel like we are on vacation, right there with you, when we watch these shows? Yes, my vacation is on again, right now on the television. As Andrew talks about Stinky Tofu and how much he loves the Tofu, I did have a Tofu Phad Thai today, umh so good.

So I don’t just want to write a vacation rental homes blog, just for the fun of it, well I do. But, we do have to pay our bills, and they are paid by the folks at the Online booking software and vacation rental software providers If you or anyone you know has a vacation rental property and could use an online booking system, they have the most comprehensive feature rich system.

So what is my vacation and travel channel unique angle, doesn’t angle misspelled say Angel? Maybe pretty people with families could be a theme, for family tourist hot spots, and festivals of the world, and their Sacred Shrines. Ah, I think the Sacred Shrines from religious to spiritual places with their philosophies is taken, and probably done way too many times? Who wouldn’t want to visit a vacation rental home in an exotic tourist party spot with amenities for the whole family? Got any pretty people traveling through some hot tourist stops, go ahead send them to me, and we will post them on our blog. Or better yet, you will see us and our talent, maybe wife Jill will go on camera, David our video producer/photographer is ready to be our camera man, and travel to exotic destinations. Who wouldn't be a travel blogger right? We are actually thinking of doing a vacation blogspot tour. We actually did just get the URL We and they at the vacation rental software is the same by the way, my blog writing grammar is not fully polished yet. Well, it just needs some attention and time does it not?

Back to bizzare foods, and why people just love to eat on a vacation, it’s called culture folks, and food is a big part of experiencing it. Going to distant beaches and hanging out doing nothing and gambling types of vacations just don’t do anything for me. I need exotic food, people, and places. That is why people LOVE this show, Bizzare foods from exotic places, wow, let’s get back to him. Andrew Zimmern started out his Bizzare food travels in Japan, where we learned how they eat raw fish and slow grow and message cows for Kobe Beef. Now, I love my Sushi as much as the next person, I had Sushi two days ago, in a local Seattle favorite restaurant, Chinoise. But, I had no idea that Japanese people eat 30-40% of all of the worlds sea food? Did you also know that Kobe Beef taste so good, because they massage their Cows, and take care of them more than most people in the world are taken care of, that is amazing. No wonder that Kobe beef is the highest saturated fat beef, umh, that maybe why it tastes so good.

Most people want to go on vacation and don’t want to think about the fat of their beef, but they do want to look like a hunk of a “Beef Cake” or a “hottie” wouldn’t you agree? Hawaii Trip-photo-blog-pretty-woman

Weird, that we care so much about our diet until the day we get on vacation, than we let it all go, and pig out like we are starved. Did I ask yet, If you know of anyone with a vacation rental property or a vacation rental home? If you do, you really should get them to visit which provides the best vacation rental software and online booking system? I didn’t ask you say, want me to again, ah, argh, I won't do that to you. Did you hear or see the Taco bell commercial in the middle of the World Series? They interviewed the CEO about the special they were running, and that was the Ad, this is called embeded advertisement in the content. It happens every where, and I am sorry to say that it is happening to you, as you read the blog. Don't worry, since it's contextual it should be all kosher with everyone and you are more likely to buy the product or services any way.

Now back to the Travel Channel show, NaaNa a Food photographer just joined Andrew in Taipai Taiwan, she is so young and a world famous photographer too. She is guiding Andrew Zimern of the Bizare foods of Taiwan, most of this stuff is mild compared to the crazy stuff of the Asian islands, he ate earlier. Maybe, I could be a Fashion photographer of all Vacation and travel hot spots of the world, and give the fashion models a tour of exotic beaches? Maybe Jill won't like that too much, Well Sianara for now, I am missing my show, go Andrew Go, my channel surfing vacation hot spots, unlaid chicken eggs eating friend. Sorry I will stick with veggies or just cheese pasta, especially when I travel:-).

While I love asian food, and I eat Thai or Japanese food at least twice a week, I do live in the pacific northwest. You undoubtedly know the Asian influence of this city. But, I have no plans to take my vacations in Asia, well maybe renting a vacation home in Thailand in the Island of Phuket may not be so bad, but I would rather be in Hawaii, really?

Yes, you have undoubtedly learned that Hawaii vacation spots are one of the top in the world. Pretty soon we will be high lighting some of the best vacation home rentals with the best vacation hot spots. As we launch our online booking software, with the best features of any vacation rental software. The RentExpert system really is the best, and there is no doubt you will see more and more of it in your favorite destinations, check it out at


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