Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vacation Hot Spots, from this international traveler:-)

I just wrote this blog for our friends at the premier online booking software, enjoy! This blog is one of many vacation blogs I will be writing to discuss the fun and unique places that I have traveled to. The pictures below are of Italy one of my best trips ever. I love to travel and be on vacation, who doesn’t? Well, I am sure there are people who would rather work, especially if they are lonely. It’s no fun to be on vacation or to travel alone. I am sure of that, not that I have spent any vacations alone, thanks to my family and friends. I have not traveled to too many places internationally, but here are some places that I have traveled too. from’t worry, I will write about hot vacation spots and travel destinations that I would love to go visit in the future, more on that later. Here are some TopSpot Vacation places I have been too.Here is a list, I will describe my experiences much later.

1. India, Mussori, Rishi Kesh, Mumbai, New Delhi, but most loved places and memories are from the Himalayas.

2. Paris France launched this wonderful trip back in 1986. I loved south of France, Nice, Cannes, Provence, and Monaco and Monte Carlo. We visited lots of little villages and vacation hot spots such as Grasse. Wow, I can’t wait to get back their.

3. Mexico, Acapulco launched this love of mine and passion for the north American beaches. I ended up going to Cabo San Lucas a couple of times after that. Still to visit the Top Mexico Vacation spot of Cancun, and Playa da Maya, and Playa de Carmen. Of course another place that a lot of Seattleites visit is Puerto Vallarta, I think I want to get a vacation home there. I know of a lot of people who rent vacation homes in Puerto Vallarta.

4. Our honey moon back in 2000 led us to Amsterdam, and the candle light canal tours. But the final destination was Spain, we landed in Madrid-central square. Loved it, but the favorite was a full day and night spent in Toledo. Y ou have to find this Villa that over looks this historic mountain top. My wife found this amazing vacation rental villa, and booked it online for for I think only $30/night or so.

Other Spain hot Vacation spots as I am sure you know are: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla (my favorite), Grenada where the Ala Hamabra is. I think Malaca and Corodoba are near by and popular Vacation destination, and great for vacation rentals of homes and Villas. But, I never quite made it, as it was too difficult to read the antiquated Spanish road signs. That was 8 years ago, so I would say maybe the road signs are better.

5. Italy is obviously a popular vacation hot spot for Europeans, not just the vacation travelers from the U.S. But how would you like to go to a wedding in a castle near Perugia, Umbria. Our friends Bryce and Chrstine rented a Castle for the wedding, Wow, was that neat or what. They also had these vacation rentals homes (Villas-they call them in Italy), these Villas were amazing, and you can rent just one for the week, or all twenty. Do you think that was a vacation of a life time? Yes it was! We visited Rome, Siena Siena-photo-blogSiena-photo-blog, Firenza(Florence), St. Franciscan d’Assisi, Montepulciano, Monticino. Maybe you have had wine from these cities? Brunello the Monticino and Montipulciano are pretty amazing. Talk about the best vacation spot of your life, can I go back please, it was so long ago:-(

**Don’t worry about check out my spelling when I get to my Desktop:-), and add some pics for you Vacationers, looking for some awesome vacation rentals and homes ideas.


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