Saturday, December 15, 2007

Infrared Heaters

I have been debating how excited anyone can get about Infrared Heaters? We are mainly talking about the ComfortZone Heaters, which claim that they are better than Edenpure Heaters. Now the one thing we can say is that these Infrared heaters are more energy saving than the traditional electric space heaters. But why are they better than the Edenpure Heater brand? Folks we are biased as we help to market the comfortZone infrared heaters, so know that at start. But, no one can deny tangible evidence of being better than Edenpure heater, if ComfortZone offers a 3 year warranty, instead of 1 year. Warranties do make a difference in making a product better than a Edenpure heater does it not?

So here are other main reasons why our Infrared Heaters are better. #1, our Quartz Infrared Heaters offer a digital thermostat that can change to one degree. They also make the heater more energy efficient, and make it a Energy Saving Heater. #2, our Quartz infrared Portable heaters light bulbs are designed to last 20000 hours, instead of 5,000 for Edenpure Heaters. #3, our Quart Infrared Portable Heaters have modular design, so you can interchange parts, without replacing the whole unit.

But the main reason I get excited about our Energy Saving Heaters is that save money, and energy and we consider them to be a Green Product. We started using these Infrared heaters about 6 weeks ago, and our heating bill dropped by $60 last month. Wow, that is a saving, our Infrared Heaters are certainly energy efficient, besides all the claims of healthy heating etc, just like the Edenpure Heater people make. More on the green energy saving tips and Energy saving heaters stuff later, it is cold outside you know.


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