Sunday, February 04, 2007

Learn from Chicago - #2 Is A Winner Too

Da Bears did not play good defense today - not normal for Smashmouth Chicago defense, and so the Monsters finish in Second place. In my opinion, #2 in any field is great. I have always pride my self on being #2 and once or twice being #1 - like in 2004 when I finished as the #1 seller in Seattle real estate sales. Oh, and a few tourneys in tennis, too.

Today, Tony Dungy and Indianapolis are #1. They proved all the doubters wrong and rolled off one of the most feared defenses in the NFL. Chicago simply could not defend Payton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts running game. So the team of destiny today was not Chicago, but they will have their moment soon enough, I'm sure of it. These are not the Bad News Bears, but a team of great heart and admiration.

Like football, success in real estate has its roots in great defense. Going on the offensive doesn't get you a lot of fans like it does in the NFL. Being defensive in real estate sales - or in any profession, for that matter - means being wary of the competition. We need to learn from our adversaries and not let them run all over us. We need to know what their advantages are, we need to defend against their strengths, and play to our strengths. We should never be offensive shall we, never. Be sweet, be honest, but importantly be smart. Play to win, every match, every deal, every client. There is an amazing amount of competition in the real estate industry today. Not only do agents have to compete with other real estate agents, but also Internet-based models, multi-billion dollar companies, and innovative new start-ups. Everyone seems to be going after their market share and commissions.

Not only do agents need websites these days, but they need to out play the competition with gadget plays, with new technology. Play on your strengths to beat Zillow and other real estate companies with better local market info, friendlier websites, and innovative tools to better serve your clients.

Those tools are out there. Just look at and We're doing our best to stay ahead of the game, using every tactic in our play book to get the ball in the end zone.

Our motto is Go, Agent, Go! That's just about what I was saying when Devin Hester ran back the opening kick-off. Let us learn from the #2 Bears - be quick like Hester, be strong like Urlacher, and be smart like Lovie. It's about time that the lil' guys grab some take-aways from the big national firms. Let us be your defensive (and offensive) coordinator.



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