Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our Actions Don't go Unnoticed - Look What the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Has to Say

Dear Friends, every day brings new surprises to our little project that could. To all those who are involved in creating a shift in the Real Estate industry, thank you for your support and hard work. This is just the beginning.
I guess the Cat is out of the Bag, so to say. John Cook of the Seattle P.I. and I have been discussing our project and the excitment is hard to contain. Here's our conversation:

Dear John, Thanks for the email again, we did discuss talking with you. I will also send this to my Blog and I hope you have a great day.

Our philosopy is that we let our actions speak louder than words. And, we want to support you for your request:

Question: What you can share at this time.

*** Answer:-).

We are all about helping leading edge real estate agents and brokers, while providing the best technology tools to consumers.

Question: At the very least, I would like to know how many employees you have, when you founded the company, the founders names and why you think there is room in this space.

Answer: We have 11 people in our team, and we utilize expert contractors often to supplement as needed. There are 4 co-founders, we founded the company in early 2006. We don't want to mention any names, as we have young kids and families, we want to stay low profile, thanks for honoring this. I have been involved with real estate technology with a very successful real estate website since 2003. And there was a lot of planning research done with the exciting technology of aerial maps, CRM, and SEO for real estate. I started to plan the offerrings back in the fall of 2004, with the success of At times was getting more traffic than some of the biggest real estate brokerage websites in this city. But, needed to keep up with the latest, and there really was nothing available on the market.

Questions: Any other details would be interesting as well. I would love to get your thoughts on entering a market where Zillow and Redfin play?

Answer: Gosh, I don't think we are in that market with Zillow and Redfin, thanks for comparing us to be in the market they play. Zillow and RedFin are run by some of the smartest people, and they have huge investments..

Zillow is just amazing, I told some of the real estate insiders about what they were up to prior to their major offerrings last year. We were all impressed that it happened so soon. I hear only good things about them from the inside, they are smart and nice people, Seattle is a very small town, as you know.

Come to think of it, I don't consider myself a new comer, I have been in the real estate technology business, before you started to write about it, before Zillow and before Redfin came to the scene. They really are the pioneers from a major shift though.
The leading local real estate and tech savvy people know about and my background.'s main mission is to help real estate agents and Brokers help the consumer win. We do this by making some of the worlds best technology accessible at a good value. We are in the midst of our national rollout, we have a number of major markets we are launching in, just rolled in to the 2nd biggest, 3rd largest in the midst, and hence have to get back to work. Thanks so much for writing about us, and being part of this real shift!

I look forward to discussing in the future.


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