Friday, January 26, 2007

The Underdog Story Once Again

I just watched the #1 seed Maria Sharipova get horribly upset by #81 Serena Williams, 6-1, 6-2 in the Australian Open. It was probably the worst loss I have seen in a major in 26 years of watching tennis. The experts did not give the underdog a shot against the frontrunner – a common mistake both in tennis and business. There is always that rare quality in the underdog that I, for one, just cannot dismiss. It’s the belief in yourself, belief in your ability to overcome any obstacle, cross any bridge, defeat any #1 seed.

So how does this fit into a real estate blog? Well, I know how tough this field can be. I’ve gone up against several #1 seeds in my time – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – and there are lessons to be learned from both. But the most important lesson of all is trusting yourself enough not to give up.

Every agent I have ever known has meant seemingly unbeatable challenges. Many of them drop out when the road gets rough. But the successful ones I know – the really grit n’ gumption agents – believe in themselves, persevere, and beat the odds.

The underdog story is a famous one. Serena, for example, or the Boise State football team last season. The experts didn’t give them a shot, but they knew deep down that no wall was too high to climb.

I think real estate agents to take a cue from the sports underdog. Our motto at is ‘Go, Agent, Go!’ I want to be able to coach young upstart agents, to instill in them the belief that you really can do what you set out to do, no matter if you’re ranked #1 or #81.

No one believed in Serena. Except me. She should have made it out of the Round of 16, they said. But she did. She believed in herself. I saw it in her eye. And that’s what I’m looking for when I meet young enthusiastic agents that have yet to make their mark – the shimmer of ambition, of unbridled energy. I look back at them with a look that says, “Go, Agent, Go. Go be the champion your heart desires.”

Believe in Yourself.



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