Saturday, February 03, 2007

Humble, Proud, and Simply the Sweetness - the Essence of Payton Lives On

'85 vs. '06 Bears.
What can you say, in '85 they had bad singing, but 'Da Bears' were big on character... and talent. But I like the attitude of these '06-'07 Monsters of the Midway, too. Humility rules in my reign today - how did this happen to the old cocky me? I don't know, I still want to be #1 in product quality in business, I still strive to be the best at all I do. But I don't want to have a huge ego and declare to the world that we are Number 1. Chicago is the city of Big Shoulders, not Big Heads. The Bears show that with their tireless work ethic and smashmouth game play. There are very few superstars on that team, but look to where they've gotten. I want our company, our people, our customers to be #1 in their business. If we get to do that, we will be successful, and I can get back to writing more. I see my people as superstars, but maybe I should think of them as more of team players. I want us to focus on winning as a team - let our own personal pride come out of that.

Go Bears of today, thanks for the leadership of humility!

If they had been nice to Walter Payton, I would probably remember love them more. Great Sweetness, thanks McMahon for remembering him on an ESPN special. Talk about a man with super human abilities, but with a heart of pure kindness. Who else in professional sports better represents what is right and noble as an athlete, as an American, as a human being. And his foundation lives on in his memory. Giving back like #34 always did - on this day let's remember him, and remember to be humble and always give to those less fortunate.

Please visit theWalter and Connie Payton Foundation and share today!


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