Friday, January 26, 2007

If Einstein Sold Real Estate…

Shane Katsoolis, our resident holistic Real Estate philosopher at, weighs in about reverberations in his own crystal ball.

“The Future of Real Estate

Like Vipin, my crystal ball is starting to vibrate. When you feel what I feel, it will be like an explosion of magnificent wave particles passing through you, leaving you in either a state of enlightenment or completely dumbfounded.

I am very conscious of how this sounds. And now so are you.

The real estate industry is shifting in a way that is not comparable to the changes of the past. A random event has taken place – a mutation, if you will. This event came in the form of the Internet, and has shaken all corners of the world – not only because it has made the globe smaller, more dynamic, and homogenous, but because it has taken a linear system of thinking and changed it to a quantum-capable system.

Did I lose you? Let me repeat that.

The Internet has taken a LINEAR system defined by rules, precedents, traditions, and changed it to a QUANTUM-CAPABLE system that has no limit, no finite definitions, no end. It simultaneously touches innumerable points in time and space, allowing for elements that do not have to work or fit or fall into each other’s definitions.

The Internet has become a crude, but effective, model for how the universe deals with energy in a quantum fashion. The way it spreads, absorbs, and disperses information holds true to the laws of thermodynamics. Even its nickname, the Web, holds a decidedly physically theoretical tone.

Let me break it down like this: The collective consciousness (people – energy) provides data (information), which is then dispersed, shared, or deleted, thereby driving change.

But a parallel universe approach does not hold up in an online world. Just because information does not reach you, it doesn’t mean that it exists and is affecting other entities, perhaps even yourself, in unknown ways. The simple existence of a particle of information means that your world has been altered in some way.

And that is what we do not take for granted at That is what sets us apart. Old timers may see the Internet, the split and variance in the industry, and see chaos. But a fresh, clever mind sees the very opposite of chaos – we see potential energy. The question then becomes, who is the first to get the ball rolling? Who is the first to change potential energy into kinetic? Who is the first to take the reigns of this power and bend it, shape it, for the betterment of all?

My crystal ball may be blurry at times, but my vision of the future is clear. We are determined to change the universe – even if it’s just the Online Real Estate Universe – in a direction that is smarter, faster, more accurate and better for you, me, everyone.

Everything in the world may be relative, but change for us at, is definite.”

-Shane Katsoolis


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