Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seattle Green Festival by Vipin Singh

Green Festivals - Home

The link above will take you to Green Festivals home page, if you live in one of the 3 cities left on the tour, you should definitely go. Even if you don’t aren’t 100% in to the whole green movement, it’s an amazing collection of green products. We have a green products website called, so we went to research green products that we can possibly sell and promote. We went yesterday and today, and were blown away by the number of booths, people, and amazing energy and conscious green and organic living choices.


Did you know that besides saving energy heating your home, the best thing you can do is to be a vegetarian? A vegetarian consumes about 10x less energy than a traditional meat eating diet. Why and how you say? Feeds, nutrients for animals, along with transportation and processing of meat is such as energy consuming process that we could all feed the world, if just ate vegetarian. Being an East Indian, I am biased, but I did grow up eating meat in Minnesota. Even if you can’t be a vegetarian, eat a lot less meat, and you will enjoy your meat even more. Don’t listen to me, it’s healthier for you to be a vegetarian. Dean Ornish the heart expert Medical Doctor from San Francisco swears by a vegetarian diet to drop heart disease. You haven’t seen too many fat vegetarians, have you?

I had an incredible vegetarian hot dog yesterday, made by a local Seattle organic foods company. It had fennel, garlic and other herbs, umnh so good, the caramelized onions and organic mustard and catch up only added to the touch. There were Yerba Mate teas, drinks, varities of tea’s, my favorite was the Organic India Tea. We had samples of tens of products from green herbs, to teas, you name it. The gorgeous people were all around, wearing natural and organic clothing. There were normal looking main stream people, kids, teen agers, and lots of people wearing green clothing, Green Festivals t-shirts.

I can’t recommend enough that you go, even if you check it out to see captialism at work. I think the green movement is here to stay and green products are the wave of the future. Organic food and organic clothing are not only here to stay, but they are better for you, and taste better. You will see organic soap, to bamboo towels, and so many beautiful organic clothing and organic foods. There are energy saving water heater sources, solar energy devices, wind mill machines, green building, green real estate agents, green this and green that. Go Green y’all, and have fun, it’s so much better for the environment.

Keith and I found some great Organic products and green products that we will be selling at our GreenShop. Check out and have a good time!green-festival-seattle-chicago-san-francisco-washington-dc.png

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