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My love for CRM Software

As mentioned earlier in a post about 2 weeks ago, that I have always loved CRM and CRM Software. I went on and on about my experiences, how my previous investors had founded CRM software companies that had gone public, and how I made a bunch of money in Clarify. I have always fascinated with sales and customer service aspects. In the best book of high tech marketing “Crossing the Chasm” CRM and high tech companies are discussed as examples of how high tech companies grow. So while my passion for CRM goes back a long time, I am not at the fore front of lead generation with SEO and Internet Marketing via blogs. Here is a relative simple idea of what CRM Software is all about, and the features in the Entellium products:

A simple definition of CRM Edit

CRM Definition admin April 10th. 2008, 4:00pm

This definition of CRM is from our friends at Entellium, they are one of the best and more progressive CRM Software companies in the country.

A Simple CRM Definition

Businesses Like Yours That Use CRM: 4.5%
Businesses Like Yours That Need CRM: 100%

Simply put, a CRM software or solution is anything that helps you develop, maintain or improve your customer relationships.

Whether storing information, automating processes, communicating directly with customers or analyzing customer data, CRM has several different aspects and many different types of implementations.

At Entellium, we focus on two of the most important aspects: sales force automation and customer service and support.

  • By supporting your sales force, you can make it more productive while gaining insight into your sales cycle and results.
  • By supporting your customer service and support functions, you can strengthen the relationships you have with your current customers.**By keeping track of both of both aspects, CRM Software helps you make sure your clients believe that they are #1 in your book!

Features of the Sales Force Automation CRM product features:


The Survis Group

Sales Skyrocket 60% with Entellium eSalesForce


Activity Center™

Unlike most CRM Software solutions, eSalesForce gives you one location where you can manage all your daily tasks.

Quota Planner™

Any CRM Software solution can help you track revenue and sales targets. With Quota Planner, you can track every activity that affects your results, such as cold calls, number of appointments or conversion targets.

Leads Distribution

No more lost leads. eSalesForce automates lead distribution based on criteria you select.

Report Automator™

Create and distribute reports automatically on a customized schedule.

Document Automator™

Whether you need a proposal, quote, letter or contract, you can merge your data with included or customized templates to generate documents quickly and accurately.

Process Customization


Your Data is Safe: We partner with the same data centers used by organizations like the New York Stock Exchange


The same sales process doesn’t work for every type of customer. With eSalesForce, you can create different sales stages, checklists and forecasting rules depending on your target.

Virtual Sales Coach™

Another industry first, this knowledge base gives your reps one-click access to competitive selling points, objection handling, product information, sales scripts and benefit statements.

Marketing Automation

Tear down the wall between sales and marketing with a wealth of features that integrate the two departments—and automate many tasks.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Most CRM Software solutions are intended for huge corporations with huge sales teams. Their complex features and complex rollouts make them hard to implement and hard to use.

eSalesForce is specifically designed to work with a wide range of business types and sizes, from just a handful to hundreds.

Make sure your solution is a good fit.

Customer Service and Support CRM product features:

- High Level Components

  • Incident management
  • Workflow management
  • Workforce tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Web-based support forms
  • Contract/Warranty tracking
  • Personalized support pages
  • Full 360-degree view of customers
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Business intelligence
  • Email incident management tools & integration

- Business Intelligence

  • Response time and resolve time measurement
  • Built-in report generator and distribution engine
  • Report on system & custom fields
  • Ability to build and save reporting scenarios
  • Export reports to Excel

- Incident Tracking

  • Customized incident capture forms
  • Capture incidents from Web chat, Web forms, personalized support pages, email and manual data entry
  • Call tracking by type
  • Review and track incidents online in real-time
  • Route items to work queues
  • Establish standard turnaround times for items in a queue
  • Automatic alerts when incidents exceed standard turnaround times
  • Incident cloning
  • Complete call scheduling
  • Store and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Setting for due date and time including target date and time for resolution
  • Auto-update customer progress using email and SMS
  • Customer self-service
  • Set target resolution times for incidents and monitor progress against goals
  • Sort work queues as well as custom user-defined criteria
  • Search for specific data within queues such as responsible role (i.e., look for all work-items last handled by customer service)
  • Supervisor notification—reporting alerts and warnings to the participant’s supervisor

- Workflow Management

  • Automatically assign work based on staff skill levels and/or workloads
  • Build separate business rules for each customer
  • Match and deliver to contracted service levels
  • Define absolute or relative dates when activities or work items must be completed
  • Escalations and re-assignments
  • Conduct team-resolution
  • Ad-hoc & FIFO routing
  • Rules builder
  • Generate and manage notifications and alerts, including how the alerts are registered, logged, and to whom they are posted
  • Support roles
  • Ability for users to have multiple roles
  • Push or assign work to participants as well as allow participants to pull work from their queues
  • Preserve consistency by ensuring only one participant can access a task and its work-items at a time
  • Multiple views of a user’s work lists (as a group member and as an individual; users may take items from a group list and place them on an individual list)
  • Clearly differentiate between new and existing work tasks
  • Set up various work queues such as an individual inbox or person-specific queue
  • Define automatic routing and escalation (routing to a supervisor) of a work item as a result of activating a trigger

- Activity Management

  • Track all activities related to Incidents
  • Create and apply sets of activities to match business processes
  • Delegate actions to others
  • Integrate rule-based workflow processes
  • Task/Diary function that synchronizes with MS Outlook
  • Allow scheduling of both service staff and other staff
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Convenient daily print outs

- Customization

  • Add custom fields
  • Change field values
  • Change look and feel of application
  • Customize business rules at record and queue level
  • Web Services API


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