Monday, April 07, 2008

How to write Quality Blogs

Webmaster Guidelines

Click on the link above to go to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, you can’t ignore them, even if you are an ethical SEO Services provider like us. I saw a reference to them, when I was doing a search for Seattle SEO’s. I was wondering who would show up in Seattle SEO’s, And, Google’s Matt Cutt’s blog showed up within the top 30. Even though, his blogs are good to read, not very relevant though hun:-). So I decided to write this blog about quality. Google’s webmaster rules are important to know, but more importantly if you try to write Quality blogs and quality content, you should never have to worry about it. I do a lot of links in my blogs, you are wondering duh right? 941940-friends-fromsxchu-photo-blogs.jpg

Don’t worry you can too, Matt Cutts provides lots of links in his blogs, just make sure you write well, contextually linking is just fine.

Here are some SEO tips for writing Quality blogs:

1. Write as if you are telling a story, make it your story, your opinion, your feelings.

2. You can write about anything, but use photos to jazz up your blogs, yes I wrote about this a couple of days ago. Did I mention that our community blogs site got over 500 visitors just in one day, because someone uploaded a famous person’s wedding photo? Yes, don’t forget about pictures to SEO your blogs. 655337-passion-sxchu-photo-blogs.jpg

3. Write with numbers or bullets, when providing information, it keeps readers focused, and makes the flow easier.

4. Use Tags at the bottom, just the words tags are important.

5. Be Casual, means be conversational, that’s the beauty of blogs. I was reading a blog of a CEO of one of the best SEO Services companies this weekend, and I found his tone to conversational and professional.

6. You might write a lot blogs, but it’s the quality so keep your content focused, and always try to provide helpful information.520217-fishing-boat-frmsxchu-photo-blogs.jpg

7. Be newsworthy? Blogs are considered news by the search engines, because the blogsphere really is a great way to get end user content. The search engines such as Google like to empower end users and unique voices not just commercial promotion. What makes your blogs news worthy? That could be a blogs topic of another day, maybe even a series. I heard a news commentator talk about news and what makes it to the news. I think he was right on, “SOMETHING UNIQUE, SOMETHING STRANGE, SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU STOP AND SAY–Can’t be”. Usually these are emotionally charged human type stories.

I think one of the biggest attractive traits of blogs is that, it’s the perspective of an average person, not the washed down version of a politician. So get the truth out, go be newsworthy!

**By the way, since this is my CEO’s blog, I can talk about CEO or personal stuff. I am starting to write my blogs here first, and than edit them to make them even more impactful. Than, I will publish them on our SEO blog. I am trying to increase the quality of our blogs, can you tell. Also, Keith reserved a very cool URL for our Seattle SEO business, call and .com. Hopefully those will get us some Seattle SEO clients. One of our major contracts ended last week, and we are desperately trying to gain more SEO Services business. Yes, the Internet works, I am actually working on a proposal from a lead we got online.

Thanks to all of our supporters, we have a number of prospects and leads for SEO Services because of our network of friends. Keep an eye out for businesses that spend a lot on pay per click, there are a perfect match for our SEO Services.


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