Monday, April 07, 2008

Is Jerry Yang of Yahoo nuts, and is he looking for a shareholder law suit on the Microsoft offer?

I just read that Jerry Yang of Yahoo has turned the deal with hostile with Microsoft, after sending the letter. Rarely do I say this, Microsoft has done everything it can in as neutral and strategic way as possible. And, this Yang A** is screwing things up, as he did Yahoo and MyBlogLog. Oh what a great company Yahoo was, now it will soon to be a search engine has been. Why, ego maybe?

Yahoo and MSN (Microsoft) have a big problem, they do not have enough internet traffic for us SEO/SEM services providers to focus on them. We won't buy ads on their systems, and we are the profitable large segment of small businesses. Their are 27 million small businesses that advertise on Google, how many is Yahoo loosing daily.

What do you think of this deal? We want it done, not because we want to run to the #2 network to advertise on. No that is not it, we want to have another choice. We also think consumers win if there is competition for Google, competition is what the American system is built on. Knowing all of this why would Jerry Yang, not take the Microsoft deal? Because his ego is too big, and he still wants to make Yahoo work. We do too, but we are not the ones with fiduciary responsibilities to share holders of Yahoo stock.

We want another choice, so be it, what do you think?
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