Saturday, April 12, 2008

Interviewing Seattle Real Estate agent - Janet McDermott

I am sitting here with my friend and Seattle real estate agent Janet McDermott, she is the owner of Seattle homes website called Janet is also our Seattle Real Estate agent, representing the Singh family in their Queen Anne Real Estate property. We just got done changing the meta tags for her Seattle homes website, as she had not focused on the keywords Seattle Homes. While doing that, I did a quick search for the keywords "Seattle Houses", to my amazement, there are a lot of people searching for that keyword. Frankly, I am shocked how many times people are searching for that keyword. I have had this URL for this Seattle Houses blog for every, that is what it seems like. And, I have to tell you, this is the first time, I have checked that. Bad SEO, bad SEO services guy, moi.

Checking and doing this, I quickly added the Title Meta tags "Seattle Houses" to this blog, hopefully that will get us ranked in the top 10 on that alone, I hope any way. As you might know from a few weeks ago that our Seattle Real Estate website, is ranked #46 for the keywords "Seattle Real estate" and we had not even done any work on it for a few years folks. This also gave me the idea to start focusing on SEO'ing for the "Seattle Real Estate" market, but since I don't sell real estate, I had to talk to a Seattle real estate agent, and thank God Janet McDermott could use the business. I am sure there isn't any real estate agents in the US that wouldn't want more business at the moment. So we will be conducting a live interview with Janet the Seattle Real estate agent of choice, and getting an over view of the state of affairs in the Seattle Real Estate market. We will attempt to do this on a weekly basis, so here it is, our first interview:

Q 1. Janet, given that it's sunny and 70 degrees outside today, is the Seattle Real Estate market heating up from a cold winter?

Ans. Absolutely. The minute the sun comes out, people come out of the wood work. Sales are picking up with the nice weather. Listings are attracting more visitors.

Q2. We read recently seen that sales across the country had picked up quite a bit, up to about 8% from the previous month or quarter. Are you seeing any evidence of that in the Seattle Real Estate market?

Ans. Definitely, people are realizing that as time goes by, the bargains are going to disappear and they better get in the market now. And, people had to get use the tough financing world, and that things are just different now.

Q3. What is different?

Ans. People are really paying attention to whether or not they can actually afford the house, rather than just jumping in as before. And, that is very reassuring, because that means sanity is coming back to the market.

Q4. Any advice for Seattle homes sellers? Why not use an online real estate agent?

Ans. Find a good professional to work with, and listen to their advice. Statistics have shown that using a full service Realtor results in a higher net return for their homes.

Q5. Any advice for Seattle homes buyers? Should they use an online brokers?

Ans. In Seattle people are Internet savvy, and in the beginning people just jump in, without doing their home work. What I am getting at, is that it all gets back to finances. They slow down their ability to get the homes they want, if they haven't sorted out their financing. Home buyers could also profit by knowing about local real estate, and the source of their information, not just reading something online or reading the national statistic.

Speaking of statistics, we are going to close this interview for this Seattle Real Estate blog, but we do ask that Janet brings back some Hard statistics to show the current market for Seattle homes, and Seattle Houses. Thanks Janet McDermott for your help, and if any of our viewers want to visit Janet's website, where should they go?


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