Sunday, February 03, 2008

Resiliency and Team Work

The theme of the two teams, Resiliency for thew Giants and Team work for Patriots. That's how the game started, they both rattled their proses of reslience and team effort. I just heard the most elegant words from an amazing writer/announcer of Sports Center of ESPN. He captured words describing how the Patriots loss, the only loss, makes them losers. And the Giants, a team whose season was written off after only 2 games, both that ended the false endings with a loss. It made me think of why I love to write and blog, maybe some day I can capture thoughts, words that if, word smithed together, I maybe, I could capture minds and thoughts. As Stewart Scott said a few years ago, As Cool as the other side of the Pillow!

Go Giants go, thanks for giving me hope, and all the other underdogs, that we too can be super bowl champions of our own goals. Thanks for providing the best Super Bowl to witness, to see with my familia. The best because until the last 60 seconds, we didn't know who would win. A total winner, Randy Moss a wide reciever, just acted like a champion with his comments. He just gave the credit to Giants for winning, and being the better team today. I wanted him to be a Super Bow champion as he played for the Vikings for so long, and I am a huge fan. I would have been ok with him winning, and Junior Seau also both being Super Bowl champions.

So all those people going after goals worth going after, resilience you will need, and team work you won't be able to do with out.

Go live your dreams, and be confident that you will make it happen, because you will, if you want too!



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