Monday, December 11, 2006

Turning the Tide in a Forgotten Neighborhood

The dynamics of the real estate market are much like the waves of the ocean: forever rising and falling, ever changing. Whether you consider yourself a professional or amateur in the industry, the intimate knowledge of the ups and downs of a neighborhood’s pricing and desirability can mean the difference between getting a leg up on the competition or being last to the scrap pile. As always, Seattle real estate news is a great tool for knowing where to strike when the pan is the hottest.

One of the headlining up-and-comers in the Seattle area is an area that ten years ago many experts would have abandoned as a lost neighborhood. In southwest Seattle, the Delridge area has seen and incredible transformation in the past few years, thanks in large part to a non-profit community development association dedicated to restoring the historic neighborhood.

The Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, founded in 1996, has sparked amazing urban renewal in what is proving to be a hot spot for home buyers. Not only has the Association prompted the remodeling of current properties and the development of new town homes, but also a complete renovation of the red-brick Cooper Elementary School (closed in 1989) into the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, among other natural and architectural renewal projects. The Arts Center is scheduled to host an array of dance, music, and theatrical events, including the Seattle Symphony and the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

But the real draw for many home buyers are the low housing prices and proximity to downtown Seattle. The time is now for Delridge, as impressive appreciation estimates have made this area the current hotspot to invest, relocate, and grow.

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