Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Seattle Real Estate Blogs and Bubble news

How refreshing to discover today a blog that is not the promotional mouthpiece of a real estate company. The Seattle Bubble Blog is the work of a very independent, very dedicated, and well-informed writer. I found his advice, comments, and industry information incredibly valuable. With timely news and helpful links (including Seattle real estate news), the blog is a valuable resource for anyone craving fresh, unbiased real estate advice.

I was so pleased with the content and its open source philosophy that I chose to make a small donation. Which brings up an important issue: it's not every day that you find a helpful and objective source for valuable real estate information. Thoughtful writing takes time and effort. So if you get a chance, please visit Seattle Bubble Blog, and if you feel so moved, support this resource financially.

Especially in an industry like real estate, it is vital to have both professional resources and unbiased, independent thought. As a leader in real estate development tools, we proudly suggest our real estate website and idx tools as the premier professional resource. The privately run blog I stumbled upon today is a shining example of just the kind of supplementary thought that can revolutionize the industry.



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