Saturday, November 25, 2006

I wish I didn't have to blog

I wish I didn't have to Blog, I have been too busy as of late. And, if it wasn't for my original Seattle real estate website I wouldn't do it on a holiday weekend. That website taught me the value of bloging. And, if we had not fallen off the rankings for the keywords Seattle Real Estate, I would not do it over a holiday weekend. For those of you trying to be good SEO for your real estate agent IDX website check out our tools at Or you got here for some other reasons besides real estate, blog on as it is as important to write on a regular basis, as it is to do other thing for your site rankings.

I purchased a book today on SEO, my fifth or sixth in the last 2 years. I do more research on the subject, than I want to. Why am I bloging here, and telling you the value of a Search Engine like Google's and MSN's passion for Blogs?

SEO Truth requires that I tell you that I am being shameless in writing a blog on SEO for Seattle Real Estate. And my real estate agent friends who sell in Seattle need more leads. You see, our SEO has not done what he is suppose to do. And, our Search Engine Rankings for our real estate agent website for Seattle have dropped. And when SEO's don't do what they do, the business suffers. The fastest way to get our SEO ranking up in Google, MSN, and Yahoo type search engines is to add meaningful content. So I am writing about the value of bloging.

Yes, shamelessly, I am writing about two subjects for the SEO benefit of our real estate idx website service called XoomPad. We have become much bigger than Seattle, but our roots of Washington state, and cannot be forgotten, so we Blog on! We try to not have to do anything we don't want to, but bloging is not so bad. It gets me to be try to be cute, and keep up my writing skills.


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I just read an article that Seattle real estate market is #3 on the all time appreciation list, behind San Francisco and Los Angeles. The article was from Business 2.0 and Cnn Money real estate section. As I had mentioned to most of your before, that is a good site on all real estate macro news, it is at

The national real estate market is not slowing down, does this mean that the stock market will continue on a new boom, or will housing market maintain it's edge over time as a better investment. You decide, but real estate is considered a safer investment, and due to banks borrowing you money for real estate acquisition it's a better leverage too.

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