Monday, June 05, 2006

Where have all the discount brokers gone?

They are gone with the discounts, down the tube. When a company tries to make money reducing costs, it has to always reduce costs, a loosing battle.

My Business rule #1, help people make money, and you will always make money. The discount companies usually go down the tubes. They are always focusing on the bottom of the barrel, and they are always getting their belt tightened by others. Hence, they are trying to win a loosing battle.

I focus on creating value, so I always do well. Real estate is a very expensive matter, especially if one makes a mistake. A small mistake will result in thousands of dollar loss. A big mistake could be catastrophic. I have been a technologist longer than a real estate agent in Seattle. I started a real estate internet company recently with some Industry veterans. We want to help real estate agents beat the Internet only discount brokers. Not because we think real estate buying or selling process can't be enhanced. We want to help real estate agents suceed by giving them better tools and technology, because I believe that discount real estate brokers will ultimately cost consumers a lot of money. I firmly believe this, and this is from a techy first, real estate agent second. I care about creating value for consumers, and I appreciate high tech companies pushing the envelope for enhancing the buying and selling of real estate trasactions.

I certainly like internet tech people more than I like old world corporate types who want to take advantage of the consumer. I have certainly worked with those people, and I always prefer honest and hard working average folks.


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