Friday, May 09, 2008

Blogging about technology and air purifiers

Some of you know that this East Indian person, Moi-Vipin Singh, am looking for some good news sources for technology news and blogs covering tech stuff. I just found the Scobleizer, and he also works with FastCompany, one of my favorite magazines. I was lucky enough to go to their headquarters in Boston back in 2000. We want to provide you technology news and information as being a SEO Services provider just covering SEO news can be bland. We think the overall technology space with focus on marketing and search marketing trends and directions is a better goal for us. Some of you may have known that I have an MIS degree and am a technology veteran of over 15 years.

The reason we are light on the blogs and SEO news this week, is that we are about to publish the Book which we have been talking about for almost a year. We are publishing the book through an Amazon On-Demand publishing system. You will soon be able to buy it for $19.95 paper back edition on Amazon. The books title is finalized now “Marketing is a Contact Sport: make contact with blogs, search and social marketing“. The book chapters are on the blog but have since been heavily edited and will soon be removed. So if you don’t want to pay the $19.95 grab the chapters now.

I also want to highlight the fact that the newest client to our system is, a St. Louis Web Design firm. They are not just a typical client covering website design in St. Louis, but also a strategic partner for our web design business. They will also sell our SEO Services to their client base, so this truly is a strategic fit as web design and SEO go hand in hand. So anyone looking for the keywords “Web Design St. Louis” will soon see them in the top 10 in Google. They were ranked #24 yesterday. Some of you also noticed that we added air purifiers on our site to promote them on our site. The Steril Air Purifiers are manufactured and sold through our partner company Earth Wise Technologies, Inc. We are glad to say that we have already been ranked #20 for the Keyword “Air Purifiers” and #24 for “Air Purifier“, all within 7 days. How did we SEO the air purifiers so fast? Well, that is our little secret, but you can find out if you buy the Marketing book. Just kidding, the site is already a highly respected site with Google and all we had to do was to do a anchor text link campaign and blog about the Air purifiers, just like I am doing here, right now.

A few days of writing blogs on a high PR site can get you ranked high too. It’s one of the best kept strategies of any SEO services companies. We have been talking about this on this SEO blog for a long time. Develop the right content with blogs, and to help you do that is why we created the free blog platform and social networking site to help you promote your site. We think we are the #1 platform to help you build a beautiful totally custom free blog, and help you promote it. We are ranked in the top 10 in Google for our clients blogs and sites such as Silver jewelry, Cross Jewelry by, not to mention the SEO keywords. This is Vipin Singh signing off!


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