Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogs, SEO, and Shameless Self Promotion and NASCAR Sprint Cup

Why is there such a thing as Shameless Self Promotion looked down upon? People who promote themselves are fine, But if it is business related, promotion is required so people are fine with it. We write a lot of blogs about SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Internet marketing, but a lot of times, I write about subjects I love, and of my personal opinions. Our goal is always simple, we SEO our clients, this involved promoting their businesses.And some times we even promote friends companies without them being clients at all, via writing blogs to SEO their website. As in the case with our writing last week of my friends Dan’s company PS which provides products PS. Think of them as the search engine to find people,PS is really about having the best database and providing the best services. I write blogs about political topics, business topics, tech news, tech personalities. I write to provide my opinion, my insights, I have been a technologist since 1988, I have a degree in MIS, and I have had nothing but a laptop since than. I have made millions, I have lost millions, I enjoy innovation, and I love blogging, period. I write a lot on my blackberry, as I am doing right now, from my blackberry.

I am watching Nascar, which I never ever do. It gave me the idea to write about Self Promotion, and business promotion. Any one watching Nascar knows, that this sport has the most promotion of any sport. In writing a book about “Marketing is a Contact sport”, one has to mention Nascar. Super Bowl from the NFL probably has the biggest company making promotion. And Tennis is one of may favorite, especially as SonyEricsson, one of my good friends is a Director of Marketing there too.

Well talking about SEO and self promotion, I have to plug in some more businesses. One our mentors is a retired Colonel from the US special forces, and he owns and runs the best Air Purifiers company. You may have heard that Sharper Image has been hurt by the Air Purifiers, that produced Ozone. Well these Air Purifiers don’t do that, thank god, and Keith Jill and Bennett will start to market these Air Purifiers on Green Shop our

News from Nascar, the race I am watching is called Sprint Cup, at Telladega, from Alabama has 250,000 fans watching this race, never even heard of this race. Now I have heard that Nascar has huge fans, but being a Obama fan, I don’t think the Nascar people would have a lot of love for me. I am glad to see Toyota’s in there along with the Chevy’s. I have always loved the Impala’s, they would be the classic car that I believe is the all American car. Talk about contact sport, these guys are going out at it, almost crashing in to each other. 30 some cars, all within 2-3 seconds of each other, within 16 laps to go, go Nascar go. They just showed Joe Gibbs the previous coach of Washington Redskins. They are going head to head at 195 miles per hour. Now there is a crash.

Let’s close this post, we write blogs, not novels here right. This one is like the minute by minute blogcast on Sprint Cup Nascar race. So what other companies do we SEO for? Their is the Silver Jewelry company LoveRelic that provides Designer Jewelry, but at the moment is just Cross Necklaces, Cross Rings, and Cross Jewelry. Jill Brahms is the designer, she is amazing, she is actually an ex-Boeing marketing manager. Wow from Boeing to Designer Jewelry that has made the cover of Maxim Magazine. Let’s see, I have covered friends from aPS company, PS

I have talked about the Air Purifiers from Steril Air Purifiers and the colonel. Oh I did not talk about the Barter company, ITEX. That is because they don’t need any SEO help, they are ranked so high for their SEO keywords. We don’t really have any vested interest in Seattle Real estate for But we should talk about some of Blogging keywords, such as free blog, blogs, create a blog, and blogs. Oh yes the SEO services, what a wonderful world that we have to work for clients and fit them in our blogs.

All of this would be called shameless blogs promotion, because it’s business promotion via SEO, it really is not Shameless self promotion. We do have to feed our kids and promote our blogs and businesses. So go buy an Air Purifier from Green Shop at, Silver Jewelry at Oh, and go find some people at the PS company PS

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