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Picking up around the Queen Anne Duplex

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My first blog was a blog about Seattle Real Estate when I was just learning about SEO and blogging. My blogs address is at Seattle Houses and the address is, kind of weird that it’s not ranked well for the keyword Seattle Houses, oh well. This SEO Services guru hasn’t cared about the SEOing any Seattle houses or Seattle Real state keyword for about 2 years. Having said that, I was shocked to see my Original website still ranked in the top 46 for Seattle Real Estate, and #14 for “Seattle Real Estate agent”. This may not mean much to you, but any SEO services provider will tell you that real estate keywords are very very very competitive. Now imagine, adding the word Seattle to it and making it “Seattle Real Estate“, ouch that is tough. So, I am proud that we do things in a great way, and for long term.

Some of you know that the blogging company went through a hard financial time last fall, and we started to do well early this year, right before Christmas. We have been doing SEO Services for a large company, and are now picking up some SEO clients, and therefore started to think about SEOing our Seattle real estate agent site to may be do SEO for Seattle Real Estate keywords. And guess what, we are meeting with two seattle real estate agents tomorrow who want us to SEO their sites.

Today I did something I rarely do, I picked up around our families for sale. We did this as we had an Open house, and our renters like most renters don’t usually do the lawn work. Queen Anne DuplexQueen Anne Real Estate in Seattle is still a market, where I see a lot of homes sold versus for sale. I heard from a casual renter that, he saw three foreclosures on Queen Anne Real estate market recently, that is from about 10,000 homes folks. That is a very small percentage. Now homes in Seattle real estate market may be selling a lot slower, and are certainly not appreciating 15-20% a year. The Queen Anne real estate market had an average home sale price of $970,000.00. Hopefully our Queen Anne duplex will sell, if you wish to see it, send an email to our Seattle real estate agent JANET McDermott.

send her an email to: The Queen Anne Duplex is priced at $800,000.00 which has been on sale for while. For some reason, Seattle Real Estate developers have had a hard time getting financing due to crazy mortgage crisis. Seattle real estate market has softened quite a bit as far as brand new town homes and condos are concerned. A lot of brand new condos and town homes have been turned in to rentals. What amazes me is the amazing amount of brand new high rise condo buildings in construction. This large amount of properties can not bode well for the over Seattle real Estate market, and I know a lot of Seattle real estate agents are starving, and some have even left the business.

What amazes me is the number of multi-million dollar properties selling around Queen Anne real estate, most are selling quite fast. I think the rich and the extreme wealthy are not effected, and the Microsoft and Amazon earnings are certainly going higher and higher. What that means for Seattle Real Estate, is that more jobs are being creating and the seattle real estaet agents won’t starve for too long. I do not know any unemployed person in the Queen Anne real estate market, and not even in Queen Anne Seattle. I do wish that our company MyTypes, Inc would do better so that I can finally make a better earning, right? To be honest with you, I would like to get back to my earnings of 2004, maybe some day. So if you or anyone you know are looking for any SEO services, or to hire one of the best SEO consultants in the world. We are ranked #12 today on Google for the keyword “SEO“. Ok, we were ranked #9 last week for the same wonderful keyword SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. I do think it’s a temporary Google cluster thing, I hope any way.

Till than, I will continue to write blogs, but at the early part of this week, I am working on my book check out my SEO blog for the latest, and by the way if you know anyone looking for SEO Services don’t be afraid to send them our way.


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