Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blogs for promotion

I am working on a bigger post on SEO versus SEM, so be patient. But, I get this question from a lot of people, should I SEO first or focus on Adwords and SEM? The key difference between SEM and SEO is that SEM includes Advertising, and mainly advertising on search engines, which makes it Search Engine Marketing. There are main differences such as SEM is very expensive in the long term, SEO takes longer, but they both have something in common. Which is?

SEM and SEO both have to optimize keywords, and do a lot of keyword analysis. The ability to target keywords is the key, to change them, and to make sure the most appropriate keywords are being used. SEM has higher click through rates, and faster Return on Investment. But, SEO has a great returns if/when you get ranked in an ethical manner in the top 5 on Google. It's very important to know that the base commonality of SEO and SEM is the same, which is Keyword Analysis. SEM is very easy to execute, Google Adwords and eFrontier or Aquantive from Microsoft can help you optimize your Ad campaigns. SEO (search engine optimization) is a very difficult and time consuming process. It's very difficult to master, much more than SEM. Enough of the not so long SEO vs SEM post hunh? I can't stop writing, I love writing blogs:-).

SEO vs SEM here is the big key, when you rank in the top 10 for a keyword, and you advertise on the same page on Google for that keyword, guess what happens? My experience with the above example is validated and confirmed with SEM managers who spend millions on Google Ads.

Now for some shameless promotion of our friends companies such as the company PS PF our clients such as Cross Jewelry and Designer Jewelry by, and our own Silver Jewelry properties. And, let's not forget the great Green Products site, which sells energy Infrared Heaters and one of the best brands of Air Purifiers on the market. I can't believe I am involved in selling products such as air purifiers and infrared heaters, but since they are energy saving and good for our health, I am actually excited about it. For a not so similar reason, I am equally excited about my friend's company PS which has one of Web's largest PS databases. For a a very competitive keyword Silver Jewelry we are also inching up and moved to #14 on the big G.

Why are we promoting these sites on our blogs? Hello, we are an SEO Services company that is the business we are in? We have to SEO these clients and writing about them on our blogs is the what we get paid to do. But more importantly, we have to provide valuable content to you our readers, and I believe we do a good job of that. Thanks for reading!


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