Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some times I feel like I just don't know much

Some times I feel like I don’t know much? SEO Tips #1 of many

Matt Cutts’ Lecture - Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers - One Mans Blog

I just checked Google Adwords to see how much traffic the keyword “SEO Tips” was getting. It was much, much more than I thought. 968848_drops-from-sxchu-photo-blog.jpg I changed the Title Tags of this blog a few days ago to include “SEO Tips“, I felt that we really were passing on little tidbits all the time, and they really should be called SEO Tips. I knew not that it’s actually a keyword that people are searching for. Let alone, and long behold, there is actually a video (Whitehat SEO Tips) out there some where, well now you can access it here too, from the link above. If it’s coming from our main man Matt Cutts and and it’s SEO Tips, you better know them, inside out. And, I have to thank this nice man who’s blog’s titled “One Man’s“, his name is John P. and I think you should visit his blog to watch the video. He is probably pretty happy that I am giving him a very powerful link. Why? It’s because he also helped me realize “I don’t know much”.

I also had no idea that there is such a thing as WordCamp, I guess he is speaking there. Way to go John, i wish I could come and visit Dallas, and see this Wordpress and WordCamp. We are huge fans of Wordpress as you all know. I have to try to make it to Mexico before I get to Dallas, budgets have been tight around here, since the housing crash. More about budgets later, Yes I am going to take a vacation soon. 955441_noelia_7fromsxchu-photo-blog.jpgBut this SEO Tips idea came to me today. Well before the John P. and Matt Cutt’s video thing, so I can’t give them credit. But I do have to say, keep on watching kids, you will soon see us and join us to do something special. Hint, hint, it will be within the b2b, business social networking, and SEO Consultants, and search marketing professionals space. It’s apparent today that his blogging fool (moi), doesn’t know as much as he thought. But thank God he has the Barter folks helping him blog and setting up a professional b2b business social networking site. Yes, it will probably promote barter to businesses, but you expected that. It’s going to be a great resource to promote your online businesses and especially in the professional b2b environment.

So do watch the Video above at John P’s with the link above, as I am sure that is the mother of all mother SEO Tips. check back soon, as I will start out with SEO Tips #2 probably tomorrow?


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