Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Massage Therapists, Lawyers and SEO Consultants?

What do Massage Therapists and Lawyers have in common? Oh shucks, I forgot that the SEO consultants can trade for their SEO services too. They are all local professionals, who can benefit by bartering their services to grow their businesses. Yes they can, sorry for stealing the line from Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s campaign, where the line is YES WE CAN! Not only do you get barter clients, you will grow your cash sales too, but you have to read the end of the blogs post for that.

Getting back to the focus of this blog, tips for professionals such as local Massage therapists and local Lawyers to trade for their services via a bartering system such as ITEX’s Barter site. If you are a massage therapist or a local lawyer you may be wondering how does this trade or bartering thing work? Simple, we will get in to the details in a second, but you don’t have to be a massage therapist or a local Lawyer to grow your sales via Bartering. We have local professionals such as marketing consultants, real estate agents, restaurants, auto detailers, car repair, dentists, and many other professionals and barter items that people can trade.

Here is an example of how massage therapists can benefit from our Bartering System, they already trade with their local friend massage therapists friends. But, instead of getting only massage in return, why not take a trip with our ITEX barter dollars? Or provide a massage or two a week, at full price mind you, and earn 200 ITEX dollars a week x 4weeks for $800/month x 12 = $9,600.00. Than you can take a trip for example a trip I hope to take to Mexico for 4 people full flight and hotel for 6 nights, all for a cost of $5,300. All these $ signs referenced above is for the ITEX Barter dollars. No this is not funny money, we do manage over $300m worth of transactions every year. We are a professional barter system, and there are over 24,000 small businesses that utilize our bartering network. In fact we are the largest barter network in the US, with over 90 franchise offices, where a local bartering broker helps you trade your products or services. Ok, I will stop selling now, let’s gets back to why I am blogging about massage therapists:-), who doesn’t love a massage!

So about the Local lawyers and how they can trade to not only get barter dollars but actual cash paying clients. This example was told to me a bartering guru at ITEX Alan, who use to own a bakery and he use to barter all the time for his goods, not just services. So here is the Lawyers scenario: Say Mr. Lawyers is an attorney who is not fully booked his 2,200 hours annually. And, he is going through a slow time of the year or the month, but he has to keep paying his secretary and legal assistant a full time salary, rent, insurance, all fixed costs. So if he could increase his billable hours by say just 10% that would get to his pocket book.

Mr. Lawyers comes in the office one day to check in, and his secretary Judy has every thing handled and says no appointments today, but here is this for client x, and client y, but they are all taken care of. Why don’t you go play some golf or go visit your friends and family? As he decides to put on his jacket, Judy gets a call from their local ITEX bartering broker, one of the local businesses needs an attorney to review a contract on immediately. Their original lawyer is too busy, so Judy agrees to setup the meeting for after lunch that day, and she tells Mr. Lawyers to come in at 2pm for a meeting with the local Bartering business, who happens to be a massage therapist. She is being evicted by her landlord and has to review the real estate contract. She is stressed out and needs some legal help. Mr. Lawyers meets with her, reviews the contract, earns $900 barter dollars via ITEX.

But, wait Mr. Lawyers just got a barter client, he did not get a cash client did he? No he did not, but do you think that the local massage therapist only deals with Barter for her business? Chances are not, so she will probably take her Cash business to Mr. lawyers. But, better yet, she is now connected with Mr. Lawyers and as she is a massage therapists, she obviously touches 3-7 people a day. Do you think they talk during massages? Yes, and Do you think she is going to tell people about how Mr. Lawyers is such an awesome attorney? She will actually refer cash business to Mr. Lawyers, as most people use cash not Barter. You can imagine the SEO consultant, the restaurant, the car repair shop, all benefiting by getting new customers, as the bartering businesses will promote their cash business.

Does Bartering makes sense for all businesses? Maybe not for people who are not doing well, and cant’ trade excess inventory, and are loosing money. But for successful products people, who want to sell their products at full price, want more clients, and for people who want to get more awareness Instantly by joining a local business community. Our local bartering brokers make the difference, they will help you with every thing and take care of all of the paperwork. Remember our blogging platform is partially owned by the fine folks at ITEX barter system.

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