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What's better than Edenpure Heaters?

What’s better than Edenpure Quartz infrared portable heater?

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What’s better than an Edenpure Quartz infrared portable heater, ofcourse it’s an Comfortzone Quartz Infrared Portable heater. Many reason, but three big ones. First, The Edenpure heaters bulbs last only 5000 hours, the ComfortZone Heaters last 20,000. Comfortzone heaters have 3 years warranty, the Edenpure heaters only 1. The Comfortzone heaters you can change the degrees to 1 degree setting, Edenpure heaters the setting is based on range, 3-5 degree difference. The edenpure heaters don’t have a digital thermostat, the comfortzone heaters do. Whoa that is more than three, want me to keep going? Here it is folks, they actually look better too.

Models 1500 & Models 1000

Invest in this excellent comfort product and save money on your heating costs this winter, not Edenpure Heaters, we are better!

We have seen the cost of fuel and oil go sky high recently and it does not look like it will go back down at least not anytime soon. This means that the cost of heating your home will go up as will the cost of auxiliary heating units. So be smart and buy an Infrared Heater!

Take advantage of this low price for an excellent home comfort product before it also goes up along with everything else, well this may not be true, our Infrared Heaters are amazing though!

The ComfortZone™ will pay for itself in weeks. It will put a great deal of extra money in a users pocket. Because of today’s spiraling gas, oil, propane, and other energy costs, the ComfortZone™ will provide even greater savings as time goes by. We are so much more efficient and better than any other Infrared heaters such as edenpure heaters.

Make no mistake… Compare this product with any other heating unit offered anywhere!

Heating your home this winter doesn’t have to break you… will help reduce those heating bills and operates on less electricity per day than a Mr. Coffee (approx. $1 per day). Well you will stay warmer too, with

FREE SHIPPING in the USA included on this item! MSRP on this item is $649. With our price of $449 including free shipping and handling, you can save over $150, and it will arrive at your front door ready for immediate home comfort.

The Feds are saying that 1/2 of all U.S. Homeowners should expect to pay 15%-28% more this winter than last and it will probably be going even higher. This is assuming that we have a moderate winter. (This is from the winter of 2004-2005), ouch better get an Infrared Heater which is better than Edenpure heater now!

Natural Process…

The “ComfortZone™” portable zone furnace is an eco-smart alternative technology, using nature’s process as old as the earth itself. The proven benefits of this unit that exhales naturally produced healthy “SOFT HEAT” are far superior economically and in all performance and health aspects. The unique better than Edenpure Heater technology challenges other known heating sources that are available today. Nothing compares in performance, safety, or savings… Simply nothing.

Discover what thousands already know…

Many of the ComfortZone™ Infrared portable units have been purchased for governmental and commercial offices as well as for residential homes for nearly 30 years. ComfortZone™ has finally, been dramatically reduced in size and weight while increasing the heating efficiency by 25% with our latest breakthrough. This breakthrough has made the ComfortZone™ much more affordable and desirable for the average consumer.

The benefits of using this heater…

Comfortable Heat: Keeps the heat near the floor level Preserves air quality and humidity. Raises indoor air temperature passing through unit approximately 120 degrees. Produces SOFT HEAT that just feels good.

Safe Heat: No flames, fumes or deadly monoxides Does not create a fire hazard Safe for children and pets.

Energy Efficient Zone Heating: Heats the area you want heated No system heat loss. Operates on less than a Mr. Coffee per day. Effectively heats up to 800 square feet.

Beautiful piece of furniture: Real oak finished cabinet is housed on high quality
casters for easy mobility. This piece will blend with and/or accent any living situation.

It’s Safe! It’s safe to have around children and pets with no harm of burns or fire!

There are products in life that are “great products” and this is one of them. The
ComfortZone™ has superior construction with an all-natural oak wood veneer exterior case.

Inside, only the finest materials are used - including a galvanized chassis, copper tubing heat exchangers, quiet-long-running fans, commercial quartz infrared elements, commercial-grade thermostats and a newly re-designed permanent washable air intake filter.

The entire unit glides on full-swivel casters for easy placement or movement.

Another advantage of the ComfortZone™ Cozy space heater is that it will fit effortlessly into almost any decor. It can be seen that this unit is neither old or geeky looking as is the case with so many of the traditionally-styled space heaters, nor, does it have the swirls and curves of some of the “modern” heaters. It looks exactly like a piece of furniture because it is a piece of furniture. It works very well as an end table in a living room or recreation room situation.

The ComfortZone™ Cozy provides an elegant solution to a traditional problem - how to raise the temperature in indoor spaces without either installing plumbing or putting in a humidity-removing-drying heater that may put pollutants into the environment (kerosene heaters, etc…). It is a well-crafted solution to an age-old problem and you will greatly appreciate its abilities to safely, quietly and “softly” raise the indoor temperature without drying out the environment.

The “Soft Heat” ComfortZone™ space heater essentially duplicates the way Nature heats when it warms the Earth to provide a soft, convection-like heat. Essentially, it works to heat the air through infrared heating elements - much like the rays of the sun providing warmth. This heated air is then directed back into the indoor environment by fans - through a grill on the front of the unit. The result… even, soft heat that is normally balanced between floor and ceiling by no more than a few degrees difference.

As always we close this blog with Sponsor ship from the best infrared heaters Comfortzone heaters, which are better than Edenpure heaters.


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