Monday, October 15, 2007

players must have vision, Blog Action Day

Great players must have vision, to not only play the game, but to win. Watching Monday night football tonight, the story of Michael Vick was mentioned, and how much he set the team back. Even with him last year, I remember the squabbling of the Falcons. Oh yeah getting back to that vision thing, with success, how am I going to tie that back in?

Some one at the game mentioned that players have vision to play well. Well I agree, but vision is just the start, but Great players actualize on their visions. How do you actualize on your vision? With focused effort, silly. How does one do that, especially as so much can go wrong in life, such as what has happened to the Atlanta Falcons, or me, or you in our daily pitfalls and challenges.

How does one, stick to our Vision, even if we had one. How do we actualize on it? I am no guru of succcess, and I struggle like everyone else. I start with my vision, than I have hope, than I develop a plan, than the plan breaks down, than I have more hope. Than I start a new vision, than I start a new plan. All in all, I keep going, as you have to too. You keep going, I keep going, and How do we stay focused on our vision. We stay focused, because we focus on what we want. We stick to what we want, we believe that we deserve what we want, and we can deliver on that vision. We can actualize our dreams, visions, and goals. Voila, success finally comes to the door, and all we had to visualize was to focus on what we Want! Oh by the way, i almost forgot, today is Blog Action day, you shall go to my other blogs to read, why? I am too tired to write more about it. Please visit and blog about how live more environmentally friendly. Remember green trees make the air smell fresher:-0) Go to Blogging Coach and read all about Blogging for the environment.


Blogger kermitjohnson said...

You are right. Players must have vision.

I decided to write a belated post of my own about an environmental issue that might strike a cord with some of your readers, especially real estate agents:

Brazilian teak hardwood floors, slave labor, and the destruction of the rain forest.

You can find it at:

Normally I don't ask for a backlink, but the cause might be worth it. Please check it out.

5:40 PM  
Blogger myTypes said...

Hi Kermit, Thanks for the comment, I will add a link to your site in the upcoming days, on the side bar. I wanted to publish the comment though. You probably didn't know, but I grew up in Roseville MN, live in Seattle now. Thanks for reading:-)

9:26 PM  

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