Monday, October 08, 2007

unlock my blog, don't call me on my iPhone, hot air?

Apple iPhone's not in trouble, but it's iPhones are being unlocked and being sold over seas. Why? People love the device and people and want to use it, but apple has an exclusivity with Cingular or ATT now. Why is that bad for the economy? Well it's not, but why is not good for Apple or ATT?

A large percentage of the fees that Apple is suppose to get from ATT is based on services that iPhone users buy. And, if they are using another carrier they won't buy those services. So there it is, iPhone more successful than it planned, especially beyond our borders. I know at least 4-5 people who have them, and they all love the device. I have been a blackberry users for a long time, and I can't see using anything that does not have a full qwerty keyboard. So I have to write blogs and news stories and no iPhone will write fast enough. So iPhone unlock does not help me unlock my blog, blackberry by RIM does. By the way, experts and market watchers are saying that Blackberry is benefiting from the iPhone smart phone trend. Which I find odd, but hey anything for more competition.


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