Monday, February 26, 2007

Straight from the Horse's Mouth, Seattle Real Estate horse any way:-)

We talk a lot about being realistic, about working hard, and not promising the moon when you can't deliver it. Well, maybe it's time for a little well-deserved bragging.

Our team at UrbanTango has continued working these past few months updating the Seattle real estate website site structure and getting our innovative real estate IDX Solutions out into the major real estate markets. It looks like the ethical SEO and writing blogs, and all the basics of the old fashioned hard work is helping.

After the dust has settled, we find our XoomPad and IDX tools being consistently ranked on the first page of Google and #1 on MSN. We knew we were good, but careful to claim being the best. But now the numbers show that we are in the top 1% of Search Engine Optimization. We pride ourselves on our open-source philosophy to business - sharing our experiences, failures, triumphs with other professionals to make the real estate market a better place to work and succeed. Now we are ecstatic to learn that we are sharing advice as one of the leaders in real estate SEO. It's our team and our partners that have got us here, and we want to thank them immensely.

But beyond accolades, the real excitement comes in the knowledge of where we are going. is going back to being ranked in the top ten of Seattle real estate websites again, with not far behind for real estate IDX tools. All this and we still have not implemented our real strategy yet, dozens of new markets currently being opened, and a grab-bag of exciting new promotions and features to debut.

It all adds up to a sunny horizon for our tech and real estate agents team. Thank you for all the support and a heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved!

Go UrbanTango Go!



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