Monday, February 19, 2007

A Tale of Two Neighbors

An overconfident, under-informed homeowner asks, “Who needs an agent, who needs technical support, to sell a home today? In this market, they virtually sell themselves.”
“Not so,” says his less-than-savvy, but well-informed neighbor. “I used an agent who utilized online IDX Solutions, satellite mapping, interactive MLS listings, and high website traffic to get my house noticed.”
“It must of cost him a fortune. Sucker.” The first neighbor mumbles to himself.
Not even a penny, thinks the second as he pulls the “SOLD” sign out of the front lawn.

Who needs an agent, support, and technology to sell a home these days? Nearly everyone – especially those who are not as experienced in the real estate industry. As the market gets tighter, smart advertising gets more and more important.
That’s why innovative tools like XoomPad, which allows agents to offer better information to more buyers, are so important for sellers. Its ability to focus on specific neighborhoods, target different types of buyers/sellers, and successfully market this information to a broader audience makes home buying simpler for the agent and the consumer. The power of Google and one-of-a-kind SEO content coaching can’t hurt either.
See for yourself at and keep up with the latest in off-the-cuff Real Estate news at

Remember to sell smart, not stubborn.

Paul Tretter



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