Thursday, December 14, 2006

Have that ‘Condo’ Attitude

While recent numbers show real estate sales in the Seattle area are staying just ahead of the national curve, looking closely shows that the real boom is in condo sales. Agents and buyers can find the area’s hottest listings using our real estate website and idx tools.

As a prospering city with an incredibly livable downtown area, Seattle is the prime example of how overall real estates numbers can be positive, even during one of the slowest home sales seasons of the decade. With the condo market sizzling, supply simply cannot keep up with demand, prompting further renovation and development projects in the city and suburbs.

Condo sellers are receiving an exceptional 94-99% of their asking price in the Pacific Northwest, a positive trend during a housing slump in which it’s common to see sellers slashing prices by up to 40% in other cities. For up-to-the-minute status of the market, visit our Seattle real estate news website.



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