Thursday, December 21, 2006

Auld Lang Syne or Old Lame Song?

Bad news begets bad news, right? So, what better way to ring in the New Year than with the year’s news?

I realize some of you still haven’t wrapped up your Christmas shopping yet, but truth be told, the New Year is nearly upon us. And with the champagne popping, Auld Lang Syne singing, and mistletoe smoochin’, comes all the inevitable top ten lists. Take for instance the Associated Press’ Top Ten Business Stories of 2006.

Like a tremendous rain cloud, the downturn of home sales hovered atop the list for economic headlines in 2006. This is old news to most; both the lame duck sales totals and the fact that the developments were the media’s go-to story of the year. However, with the year’s final numbers not completely crunched and the ever-inconsistent trends in the market, one begs the question of if the story is a story at all, or if it’s just more media blitz to keep the TVs glowing and newsprint spinning.

One things clear. The actual economic impact aside, homebuyers and sellers are obviously taking a psychological hit from all the ‘doom and gloom’ predictions coming out of the media. Whatever the final numbers come down to (and we all know that the boom couldn’t last forever), maybe the fact that anyone with CNN knows to lay low this year could be at least partially responsible for the downturn itself.

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Happy New Year. Hardly Old News.



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the post seems like good information, but what advice would you have for first time home owners looking to purchase a home after the new year? possibly with no money down?


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