Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Szechuan - Cheng Du, and Leshan Buddha Travel Blog to China via Travel Channel

Samantha Brown Travels to China all week long, so I decided to write a blog about it. The schedule can be seen on

Samantha travels to the land of my favorite food, Szechuan and Cheng Du. Nearby, the worlds largest Buddha is based in the city of Leshan. The story behind it is very interesting, the Buddha actually made the river safer for the city of Leshan. You see, it's the vision of the a monk, who wanted to pray and make the waters and to stop all the death from the rough waters.

Sam is now going to a cooking class from Szechuan cooking school. She learns to cook, and learns that not all Szechuan food is spicy. Than she tries to drive a hard bargain for some Chinese China. Next, She will learn tai chai, and shop. Anthony Bourdain, goes to Hunan province, and goes to the Himalayas. All of this brought to you for the love of travel blogs, travel and blogs from the folks at


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