Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Web Design and SEO

Keith Mitchell is our tech guru and he started to write on our web design blog a couple of weeks ago. If any of you have any tech questions regarding web design, especially from a tech and SEO perspective, drop him a line or comment on his web design blog. Here is one of his recent posts, we won’t be writing as many SEO blogs as we use to. Sorry but we are just too busy with projects at the moment, but we will keep a healthy schedule of at least once a week. Enjoy this web design blog, and don’t forget to get all of our SEO and blogging advice from our Marketing Book, which is now selling at Amazon.com.

Web Design Inspiration… are you design impared too?

May 22nd, 2008 at 03:59 pm by Keith Mithcell in Design Inspiration

Today It’s all about design and inspiration for the non artistic folk ahem… or design impared. I would consider my self a hack at best when it comes to web design. When at all possible I like to leave the design to the to the designers, AND sometimes I feel like putting myself through the torture of creating a logo from scratch, or a complete web design for friends and family. Let me tell you after ending up looking like this guy a few times I decided there has got to be a better way to come up with foder to fuel my design …. Here are a few trips and trick I use to create designs Design Inspiration.

Where do designers get their inspiration? Talking to clients, using current trends in design, from the project parameters, or maybe right off the ether.

I go to a few sites:
For Logo inspitation check out - http://logopond.com/

For complete web design inspiration check out - http://www.designshack.co.uk

For More in depth design information check out - http://webdesignfromscratch.com/

lastly if you need a color palatte take a look at - http://www.colourlovers.com/

GOT Graphics?

Now That you’ve been inspired the design and creative juices are flowing…or at least trickling where are you going come up with graphics? the subtle aspects of a sites design that add that extra touch. Hell lets bust out the Wacom tablet fire up adobe illustrator and start drawing! oh you don’t have a wacom tablet? Ohhhhhh riiiiiight, how about a graphics editing program? No? Ok forget the wacom tablet too much hassle. but the graphics editing program is essential. I personally I would choose adobe illustrator and photoshop. The reason being is that it’s the industry standard. If you want to go the Open source route use GIMP a great photo and image manipulation app. now that you’ve got an editing program lets go find some images and graphics
For vector images check - http://www.freevectors.net

for Free photos check - http://www.freephotosbank.com

Don’t forget to google as a resource, to find similar sites there are many out there. please provide attribution the authors of images and photos when appropriate.

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