Sunday, June 08, 2008

Travel is not just about Vacations

But vacations sure are fun, people travel for learning, for business, and often for adventure to experience far away places and cultures. Some of the best things about vacations and travel are the food and historic sites and land marks. As an American, I am often reminded od all of the historic places around the world, and so much that is part of our own culture. America is a cultural melting pot, unlike probably any other country in the world. Because we don’t just have the mix of 70 plus countries of Europe, but 50 plus Africa, 20+ of Latin America, Asia, including the varities of China and India. I have traveled to many continents, but there is still so much more for me to see.

Since I can’t leave my family, I often travel on vacations through my imagination and the television. My vacations have lately been through route 277, the travel channel. And some times, I travel through hwy 9, the PBS and Rick Steve’s express way. One of the best shows I love are the Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel, he always covers travel with the chef and philosophical perspective. I have to tell you, if he is on, I usually prefer his insights on travel and vacation top spots. He is an amazing ways of voicing not only his truth, but also the deep historic secrets of a destination.

Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel always covers the main attractions, with a sense of style, of lodging and hotels and resorts. It almost seems that she caters to the hotels, and they pay for her stay, though I don’t feel a bias from her. Andrew Zimmern is of Bizzar food from the travel channel, and his sense for the unique food is sure fun. But, it’s hard to watch someone eat ants and snakes and crazy insects. It simply just grosses me out, especially in the Asian countries.

Rick Steve has been a popular name around Seattle, with his shows on PBS and Europe through the back door. He is also based out of a suburb of Seattle, Edmonds. What I like about Rick’s travel is his focus on historic learning about the cultural importance of travel. He was on PBS today, and I watched two segments of his, one on Scotland, and one on Vienna Austria. I do have to tell you, that things you learn are comprehensive, though the way we get to them maybe with a quick Rick Steve brush. I also learned that Rick is supporting a charity of feeding the poor of the world. I think the charity is called

I wonder if Rick would let me use his content to promote all of the places he has visited.

We will be blogging on, guess about what? We love blogging about distance places, travel and vacations with adventure, and not just because our friends have a VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) software company. So stay tuned and comment or send us pictures and articles and we will publish them and give you credit and high PR links.

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