Friday, September 21, 2007

Calling the bottom on real estate first?

I watched CNBC's business forum in Denver today, and the CEO of Remax was being interviewed. I didn't know if I was being sold a real estate hype or being charmed. One thing is clear for me, the interest rates move by the Fed gave the US real estate buyers and sellers some hope for confidence.

The Seattle Real Estate bubble burst last month. I have seen more real estate agents lenders etc. be depressed and scratching their heads. When everyone feels depressed and it's hard to find hope and a positive outlook, the trend shifts. And, when the fed gave us confidence by moving the rates lower, I feel they saw the bottom and came in to help.

So I am here calling a bottom on the real estate bust. It will not a fast run up, there never is coming out of the valley. But, the bottom if the bottom, it will take some time to slowly move forward and move up. And, I see the mountain climb up ahead. Go Real Estate, people do have to live some where, and I see no way but up! We are no longer in the real estate business, we are in the SEO tools, Search Marketing, and eSuccess business. Check out our websites blogs and for Free SEO tools if you want to see our success.

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