Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming..:-)

I am watching the U.S. Open Tennis tournament, laying in my Hotel room on vacation at the Harrison Hot springs in Canada. I took out the blackberry to write my blog. I was reminded how many Russian tennis players have come to the top of the game. They have also brought Polish, Croatian, Slovakian tennis players to the top as well. Well, I am super excited to see this new trend that the Russians have brought to the world. Blogging software technology, software and internet world, but blogs or not, the world is becoming closer.

The Internet and Search Engines along with their SEO and Search Engine Marketing has given equal opportunity to smaller players. At the Hotel, I have never seen so many easter European people before. We would be lucky, if we had seen one couple last year. Out of 500+ rooms, it seems 2-3 out of every 10 are Easter European or Russian. I think this is a great sign of economic growth for the E-Block as I want to call them. I am little biased, my sister in law is from Slovakia so I am rooting for them.

Oh by the way, The hotel has WIFi in the Lobby, these aren't cheap rooms, but the WiFi in the lobby thing is cool. So people like me can blog away, work for those 2-3 hours in the middle of the day. Especially, when the kids are napping etc. A work life balance is not required, but integrating your work in to your life and living in the present is a good thing. The hotel is an Environmentally friendly hotel, Green I guess, I would call it. They seem to recycle well, they talk about conservation, especially of water etc.

The woods and Nature around the Harrison Hot Springs hotel sure are nice. This bloggers favorite place to blog from, this place makes for a perfect vacation away from Seattle for the long Weekend.

Do everything you can to make the world a better place, please, and remember being Green is easy, first step learn about it. Second step, take small baby steps. Do we have the best Blogging software? Check it out at


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