Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ethics and conflicts of interest, from an ex-Seattle Real Estate Agent

I use to be a real estate agent in Seattle, that is why I started blogging to promote my website There was a lot of talk about real estate agents representing both parties, the buyers and sellers. This was discussed in my real estate classes from day one.

I totally disagreed with the majority and common accepted view that it was ok and ethical for a real estate agent in Seattle and Washington state to represent both parties. How can one serve two masters? Well, the best answer I got was from the teacher of the real state class. He said, he felt no conflict of interest as he was honest to both parties. I don't care if you are honest Sir, I care about who's interest you have in mind.

Most state bar associations and lawyers have very straight rules about not being able to work with a client, and their competitor, or against a previous client. This is based on a attorney client privilege, doctors and psychologist have the same exact thing. But real estate agents in the State of Washington and in Seattle can represent both a home buyer and a seller? How is that? Any advice for someone going through this?

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