Thursday, July 26, 2007

Will you get sold for $300million ?

Will your website be sold for $15million or $300m, if you are got sold today to the owners of, and yellow page directories. Why? How is a $15m cash flow directory become a $300m acquisition? I was baffled, but I don't doubt R.H.Donnelly for freaking out as I call it. There are so many large companies feeling the pain of Internet Companies destroying their business model. The collapse of old world business model is happening faster and faster. So large companies are paying the big price to buy a brand, or a potential opportunity that they can scale in to their cash machine.

So How will your company get sold for $300m, build the opportunity so large that you can scare the jibbers out of a traditional business, or better yet a thriving technology which is public, and you will get your price. We are about to do that for the real estate, business blogging, and software companies. Don't just scare them though, add value to them if you can, and that is when they will pay you.

We started out in real estate websites business, have come to business blogs, to blogging for empowerment and community. Why do we keep blogging here? Because


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